Top 10 Foods You MUST EAT To Lose Weight FOREVER

Top 10 Foods You MUST EAT To Lose Weight FOREVER. Nobody wants to lose weight only to gain it back. For permanent weight loss we have to address the root cause.

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🔷 Weight Loss Series:


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  1. I knew it all… but the calorie counting freaks confused me UNTIL NOW
    My buddy my friend my Man
    My inspiration OUR BEST MENTOR.
    He’s going to change our lives forever. GODBLESS YOU
    Thank you Dr Ekberg you’re GODSENT!!!

  2. Can someone provide some feedback on the sodium content in canned sardines? It appears that all the canned sardines are high in sodium when I read the label on the can.

  3. I'm a big fan of chipotle but it has gotten more expensive over the years so now I found a local chinese place that sells very good pork belly its tasty and has good fat to protein so I get 2 orders of just pork belly as my 1 meal for the day.

  4. Imagine that is 2021 and you're still suggesting people to eat tortured animals and their byproducts. It makes my stomach sick, how can you have this change of lifestyle to a better, calmer life that you preach if you fill your body with all that misery and suffering…

  5. 2cents: encourage people to seek out (thereby create demand) for grass-FINISHED beef
    .very good info that I'm finding to be motivated to OMAD days, and recently did 4day fast just to see how / if I could.. `did pretty good! I can see myself taking on more of those days, with information I've gotten from this YouTube channel. Thanks!

  6. What about coconut oil and cream? Lauric acid (part of coconut oil) is a saturated fatty acid. Does lauric acid affect cholesterol levels? Just like beef?
    As a vegan I often ate coconut cream ( after watching this video) in the past six month and my cholesterol level went up four points and got into the danger zone.

  7. i have serious question, ive read that certain food is bad for some kind of blood type, for example i am Blood Type B Negative which is rare, and i read that chiken and tomatoes for example are not good for me, why is that? and is it even true?

  8. How come what you list and what Dr. Greger lists are so different for weight loss? What planet do I live on that 2 such different approaches to weight loss exist are advocated as true? Which one is healthy and cuts cholesterol, which one can be sustained for permanent weight loss?

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