Top 10 Foods You Should NEVER Eat Again!

AVOID THESE FOODS if you want to live a long healthy life. There are so many bad foods that a list of the Top 10 worst foods would be incomplete. Therefore Dr Ekberg has divided foods into 10 different categories and help you understand the properties that make each category destructive to health. By understanding why a category is bad, you can draw parallels and know virtually all foods to avoid without memorizing any lists.

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  1. Glad to see this list. I am also glad that I eat NONE of these foods. Actually, I eat a lot of the good foods that Dr. Ekberg talks about. The only things I differ on is that I eat lentils, and oatmeal for breakfast. Also, for fruit I eat either and apple or orange for breakfast. At home I am pescatarian. I eat only wild caught. I may eat other meats when out, but this is rare. I have also cut out most wheat, except for an occasional ramen.
    In fact, I have eliminated sweeteners altogether. I drink water with a splash of organic lemon juice. I eat my oatmeal with butter and cinnamon. I drink my coffee and tea black. I don't miss the sweeteners. I just don't need them. For snacks I have olives or nuts.

  2. When aspartame first came out (in the late 80's I think) I immediately got a bad headache from it. I later tested drinking it again and the same thing happened. I never knowingly consumed artificial sweeteners again.

  3. I REALLY appreciate your taking the time to patiently marshall your rate of delivery when speaking, so that your explanations turn out to be exceptionally clear to those like me, whose first language is not English. THANK YOU !!!!!

  4. Ok, again a great video. WHAT SHOULD I EAT now? 🧐 if you offer be a book or a list with all foods that I CAN eat and some easy examples of recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner (also for IF) I will be happy to PAY FOR IT !
    Maybe you have one but I not found it.
    Thanks and marry Christmas 🎄🏝😃

  5. Dr Ekberg, Im curious….if cereal, that has a lot of fiber (which I need to be regular)(shreaded wheat) also raises my blood glucose and the rest of of the awful things it does, what can I eat for breakfast. Bacon and eggs are not high in fiber so they totally mess up my regularity. Help! The thought of eating fish for breakfast is un-appealing.

  6. MSG, a poison the FDA deems safe. That should tell you why NOT to listen to the FDA, they are funded by big corporations and chemical companies to push their poison foods on people.

  7. I have to share this to all my friends and family. Very informative. Great presentation. Why isn’t margarine removed from the markets. I stopped eating that junk a few yrs. ago.

  8. Excellent video. The government allows too much poison to be sold as food and this is why we should by law have health care as a right. Most of the sickness is directly related to the governments of the world allowing this crap to se sold.

  9. Every time I drink COKE ZERO my mouth would start bleeding – not sure why, but scary as I see all the additive names on the label like Exxx something. I have stopped completely and would only drink the normal Coke if I want one once in a while!

  10. In a peaceful world of cows and others, we adjusted through tastes.
    Going through the readjustment blues.
    You got what it takes to make that readjustment. The readjustment of pooping out the particles from the past. Boom💥

  11. From what I understand growing up, these so called fat free products started to come out because people were eating too much fat. They were eating way too much beyond their daily intake. So then these companies came out with the marketing ploy of ‘low fat’ which back then was the ‘organic grown’ of today…

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