Top 10 Keto Foods That Knock You OUT of Ketosis

Top 10 Keto Foods That Knock You OUT of Ketosis. These low carb Keto top 10 foods you eat is all about eating a low carb diet that is high in healthy fats. Sometimes there are sneaky ingredients or labeling of foods that most people think are safe for the keto diet. You will learn what to look for to stay in ketosis, what foods a lot of people believe are keto, but aren’t really, and much more.


πŸ”· Top 10 Foods You Should NEVER Eat Again!

πŸ”· How To Do Keto Right:

πŸ”· Keto Diet Explained For Beginners Simply:

πŸ”· Keto Diet For Beginners – $10 a Day Budget:

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πŸ”· Keto For Beginners Series:


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  1. My god! That's a total of 261g of carbs!!!
    I could easily eat all those things in a day!
    Not that I would but I might think a couple of those are not too bad!
    Real eye opener. Thanks doc.

  2. I am in 16/8 for over am month niw and do a little low carb (~30%). I am realy not hungry at all. Its hard Until you realize that a empty stomach is not to confuse with hunger or even starving. and i love my bullet proof cafe.

  3. What about an ectomorph that wants to put up some weight, but in a healthy way? would a keto diet be good? I keep hearing i need massive amounts of carbs and calories, but i dont want to increase my insulin resitance..

  4. I just started doing the 36/12 fasting for the autophagy/ketones/BDNF benefits… but i dont want to lose weight either… so in my 12 hour eating window i just been eating as much calories as i can… im not worried about keeping within a certain fat/protein/carb goal… i still want to stay in ketosis and benefit from the autophagy as much as i can… i was thinking of doing the keto diet… what macros should i stick to dr ekberg

  5. Wow I've been doing Keto for 18 months and thought I knew it all but this was a real eye opener! Thank you again Dr Ekberg for introducing me to Keto and IF, reversing my diabetes and changing my life.

  6. Sir, if my body needs 2500kcal, how can just 300kcal from carbs can knock me out of ketosis? The body won't immediately switch to ketosis again as it require those 2200kcal, to be functional? (sorry for my English, i use French normally)

  7. I use spicy brown mustard when I have rotisserie chicken, and dip the chicken in it. The label says zero carbs. Is that real, or are they lying? I also bought some cans of chopped clams. When I got home I read the label, the carb count was 4. I read the
    Ingredients, and they added sugar to the clam juice the clams were in. My only resort, short of returning them to the supermarket but I bought them many months ago, and of course I threw out the receipt. So, as I said my only recourse was to dump the clam juice and rinse the clams and then soak the clams in water for about an hour.

  8. I heard in U.S. if its under 5 calories per serving they can market it as zero calorie. So everything that say's zero calorie is actually ~4.5 calories per serving. Those calories are probably carbs too.

  9. I think for many people they start out excited and with good intentions and then give up when they cannot sustain their dietary restrictions.

    I would very strongly recommend going three weeks keto in a month and one week normal. Why? Because if you WANT to eat differently for Holidays and get togethers and just need to deal with cravings it gives you the flexibility to do so.

    A 3:1 ratio is still very effective for improving health. Give this a try if you cannot live with a strict keto diet.

    It is truly a lifestyle change so you have to be able to live with the changes you make. A 3:1 ratio is doable forever. Expand it when ready, if you want.

  10. I think what he says at the end is very helpful. Don't make this into something so onerous that you avoid doing it. Instead get curious about what you eat and how it affects you.

  11. First, love this video but man u sold fried chicken short here. 40+ carbs?? Are u talking about breaded chicken cooked in vegetable oil? Because i guarantee skinless chicken breast or thigh (especially grass fed) has nowhere near that amount. Introduce an air fryer and it has even less. 40+ grams man i feel offended and im not even a chicken lol

  12. Wait, you only have nutrients per serving rounded to 1g on the labels? It's crazy. Where I live it has to be per serving AND per 100g rounded to 0,1g.

  13. IF YOU KNOW HOW to CONTROL YourSeLf!!!
    I just Drank a Quart of 1/2 & 1/2 MILk!!!
    SoooπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯, wut does THAT say????
    Why did GOD, make LiFe, so DiFFiCuLt???

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