Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods You Can Eat For Your Immune System

Wondering how to boost your immune system so you don’t get sick? Most public advice is about washing hands and keeping your distance, but in this video you will learn where you can really make a difference. You will learn not only the most dangerous foods for your immune system, but why they are dangerous and what other life style habits you can do to boost your immunity even more.

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Welcome to Top 10 Food You Should Avoid or Eat To Get Healthy Naturally by Dr. Sten Ekberg; a series where I try to tackle the most important health issues of the day in a natural and safe way. If you have suggestion for the next topic leave your comment below. Remember to make your comments positive and uplifting even if you disagree with something that was said by me or others.

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  1. Have anybody noticed that past years we only speak about immune system and how to strengthen it? In meanwhile we got a lot of autoimmune diseases which we never had. What do you think about that?

  2. In Islam we pray 5 times a day which is a meditative peaceful process, nothing like it in the world. It's amazing discovering all of the benefits of what Allah has decreed to us such as fasting and more.

  3. What about avocado oil?
    Does one need to avoid that one as well?

    Something that is extremely frustrating to me is that when I go to someone for help with my diet I get advice that is contrary to what I know to be harmful for me. Like, f.i., bread. I told my ex-dietist that I don't do well when I eat bread. She told me it was my imagination. Practitioners really need to start taking people seriously.

  4. @24:22 So I can't eat fruit, fruit juice or dried fruit because it will pass thru my liver and become fat……But I can eat fat because the fat I eat doesn't pass thru the liver at all…ok Got wait…..How does the fat you eat turn into energy? Does it pass thru the fat decoupler??? where's that located in the body? ohh that's the liver!! But its different because the fat I eat isn't as bad as the fructose I eat which becomes fat. Yeppp that makes sense.

  5. If Alcohol isn't a toxin……then what organ or cells in the body require alcohol to function? I can eat a tree bark and it has some nutrients but it still isn't good for me. and just because I eat a little bit of tree bark doesn't mean it's what I need.

  6. wait so why is meat listed as a carcinogen? And not just the processed variety. The nonprocessed also contains bacteria that when ingested releases harmful bacteria in your gut and body.

  7. The vegetable oil I buy is 100% rapeseed oil. According to the data I found, that contains similar amounts of omega-3 and omega-6. Is this correct? I use it for frying, since I'm told olive oil can break down at high temperatures.

  8. I hope Bill Maher books you for Real Time at some point. You are saying very pointedly and clearly what he has been bringing up for months on his show. You and he have my attention and I want to start working to break the sugar habit.

  9. Every so often, amid the noise of YouTube, you come across someone who is speaking the real truth… with real science to back it up. That feels good, and has renewed my faith in humanity. Thank you!!!

  10. It would be so wonderful to click on the video and actually see a list of these bad foods or a reasonably summarized video without all the education about the immune system which I already know. I don’t want to spend 1/2 hour of time to get this list. I see this trend in so many content creators now which is why I’m starting to appreciate shorts.

  11. Thanks for the one-up Dr. Ekberg. This certainly worth pondering and initiating.

    However, my thing is, just how much of the foods in USA is real and beneficial to the human body?
    If the very things you are promoting is dense nutrients, fresh enzymes, and minerals; and a great percentage of the soils are depleted runoff.

    The other thought I had myself is, what do you think about we humans go back to eating seasonal yields, that nature is obviously giving us for a reason, unbeknownst to the scientific community.
    Maybe, we are along with everything else, to mess ourselves up, is we do it, out of season.
    Food for thought 🙂💭

  12. I was eating dried fruit most of my life before i watched this video, I am not fat and it never made me feel unwell instead it stimulated me; … do I stop only if I am fat?

  13. I knew it the moment he got to point 3 i knew this was another bullcrap video, in Europe and Asia Grains are the base of our diets and turn out we are the countries whit the most longevity, so keep your no grains bullcrap to you good sir.

  14. I burst out crying watching this video Dr, because my parent's and all my elder relatives have died of cancer heart disease etc. I am in ketosis and very very greatful at 56 to be reversing diabetes etc. You Sir are among the great people of our time!! Ty❤❤🙏

  15. Hmm.. And what about honey? Usually it contains a lot of fructose. On one side – fructose causes fat liver, on other side I know people who consume a lot of honey and they are healthy. May be the thing in combinations? Some products I can eat and if it combined with honey can make it bad to me, may be unbalance liver functions and it cannot digest fructose from honey?

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