Top 10 Most HARMFUL Foods People Keep EATING

Have you noticed when you are trying to eat healthy that everything has extra ingredients in it? Make sure you don’t eat one of these Top 10 Most Harmful Foods People Keep Eating. There are so many food products that, while they may taste delicious, are harmful to your health.

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  1. potato chips was my favorite harmful food to eat ,but as for canned tuna im schoked since canned sardines dont contain mercury or maybe we need to hear about that too ,like watching your channel watching my health because i really destroyed it in my so called previous life ,cheers

  2. The good doctor should have added that Coca-Cola contains phosphoric acid which should not be drunk by pregnant women – or anyone else for that matter. However Coke would most likely sue …. Personally I don't touch the stuff after I saw what it did to old coins. Coin collectors like the stuff but not to drink if they have any sense. Coke is also good to clean your toilet!

  3. I was going to add the comment that Ethanol (aka booze) is not Wood Alcohol which is poisonous and is called Methanol. 'Methylated Spirits' is often made of Methanol and coloured purple to stop people drinking it. However, in some countries like South Africa, methanol is more expensive than ethanol so ethanol (made from cane sugar) is used instead, still with the purple die. Tramps and such discovered that it was not exactly poisonous so used to filter the spirits through bread to take out the colour. This was ironically called 'Blue Train' and could be drunk with the colouring. I used to work on aircraft that used 'water injection' although it was actually 60/40 percent water/methanol. It was laced with a nauseant which made working on the pipes and tanks unpleasant. The drums it came in were marked with a skull and crossbones. We are forever hearing of celebrations in India (where alcohol is mostly banned) where many people at a wedding either go blind or die. This is the disadvantage that governments should think about before prohibition is enacted. It didn't do the USA any good either…

  4. Not entirely agree on bread. While there is a level of issues with wheat itself (less in Europe), main issue with factory made bread is not wheat or years, but other 15-20 ingredients that added into it to have elasticity and longevity. After switching to home baking (4 ingredients: flour, water, salt, live yeast) our family has no issues whatsoever with eating bread. It doesn't last as many days on a shelf as factory made, but it is a million times better. And if we are busy we go to artisan bakers that make it every morning.

  5. No more 
    1. Canned soup
    2. Wheat bread, both white and whole
    3. Canned tuna (large fish, more chance to concentrate mercury from eating small contaminated fish
    4. Diet colas (not food- aspartame breaks down to formaldehyde and something else
    sucralose is made from forcing together two chemicals that make pesticides)
    5. potato chips not because of salt and fat, but because it's easy to eat more and more and they are made with inflammatory seed oils.
    6. fake maple syrup (sorbitol demineralizes bone)
    7. margarine
    8. energy drinks (stimulates, "borrowing" energy
    9. fruit juice (too much concentrated sugar
    10. Deli meats (too many added ingredients)

  6. 1) if it's advertised-don't eat it ( when was the last time you saw broccoli advertised?), 2) if it has 6 or more ingredients-don't eat it, 3) if it has an ingredient with 20 letters or you can't pronounce-don't eat it

  7. As for bad food #4, Diet Coke, the former president #45 is said to have several Diet Cokes a day for decades. He even had a red button on his desk at the Oval Office to signal for a Diet Coke. Yet he still apparently plays golf, wants to run for president. One thing I do question on this list is bottled fruit juice. Have to think about it.

  8. I can and actually do live without 1-9, apart from the occasional canned tuna. but! you don't take away deli meats from me. nope. not gonna happen. I need a reason to live. 😀

  9. Tuna has more toxins ( Mercury, etc) because it is has lived longer and is larger. It has had more time to collect mercury into its tissues. The smaller the fish, the safer to eat, sardines, for example. At least that is what I have read.

  10. Damn . . . . scary stuff. So much for my Submarine cold cut sandwich. White flour, cold deli cuts. the only good things were the veggies on it. Wake up call.

  11. Here is my family experience, it's 50 yrs…

    We always used pigs fat in the kitchen, no oil, for cooking(from our pigs).

    We eat all kinds of meats, especially pork and chicken…also eggs, 3-7 days per week(my base for breakfast), with bread, fruit…just mix of everything…For the last 6 years, I spend only 1 l of oil on cooking. I could cut more white bread, sugars, but everything can't be perfect…

    Every lunch we had is with salad, pickled or fresh…

    Result of all of this, my parents are 67 and 65 yrs old, I am 43…we are all healthy and fit…

    I hope this help…

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