Top 10 Sugar Substitutes You Should NEVER Eat & Sweeteners You Can Eat

Top 10 Sugar Substitutes, Sweeteners, foods that you should never eat and some that are HEALTHY and LOW CARB. Sweeteners ranked from the worst to perfect. They are great fo Keto, Reversing Insulin Resistance, Gut Health, Weight Loss & Health. You will learn all about sugarless alternatives: aspartame which is known as Equal, sucralose which is known as Splenda, saccharine which is known as Sweet-n-Low, acesulfame potassium, xylitol, erythritol, maltitol, sucrose, honey, agave, high fructose corn syrup hfcs, coconut sugar, stevia, monk fruit, glycerol, glycerine, and chicory root. Sugar is also covered so you get a good comparison. This list contains both natural sweeteners and artificial sweeteners so you understand what is best for you.

I want you to learn how to eat healthy food, so please learn all you need to know about sugar and sugar substitutes. In this video I will cover natural sweeteners to artificial sweeteners. People who are eating a ketogenic diet, a low carb diet usually called keto, look for ways to eat sugar without the calories or insulin spikes. This list will show you which sweeteners are best for keto, glucose (blood sugar levels), insulin resistance, gut health, and toxicity. You’ll learn healthy sugar substitutes because while weight loss is a goal for many we want you to be healthy and live a long and active life.

If you have pets please don’t let them eat xylitol as it is harmful to them.



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  1. Very valuable research in just few minutes, thanks!
    But could you tell me which Stevia form is safe, there's a lot of forms (white powder, liquids, raw dried leaves)
    Can I consume the raw dried leaves because it's unprocessed?

  2. I use manuka honey 15+ usf. Expensive but worth it, my seasonal allergies long gone. I take it early morning, empty stomach, under tongue to dissolve honey slowly and wait at least 30 minutes before drinking or eating.

  3. This video is great. Would you be able to talk about maple syrup and date sweetener (syrup or granulated). And Manuka honey, I heard that specific kind in fact kills bad gut bacteria.

  4. Beware of powdered Lekanto brand monk fruit. If you read the label it also lists erythritol as an ingredient. In my case I don't tolerate erythritol very well. The same brand in liquid drops seems to be pure monk fruit and fine.

  5. This is the most complete analysis of sweetners for regular people I have seen. It explains why diet soda us so bad for us. Why larger amounts of erythritol give me stomach upset. Why I have settled on only using stevia and monk fruit (in small amounts) as my only sweetners. Great explanation!

  6. The question is why would we need sweeteners? Once you get used to having low carb diet, under 100 of carbs a day you will not want sweetened stuff at all.

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