Top 10 Tips To Lose Belly Fat Backed By Science

Here are the top ways to lose belly fat backed by science. Isn’t it frustrating when something is supposed to work and they say it’s backed by science and yet it doesn’t work for you? You waste time and sometimes money. So I am going to show you the basic mechanisms of losing belly fat. That way you will be able to reach your goal of a flat stomach and get rid of that belly fat plus you will be able to keep it off.

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Welcome to Lose Belly Fat by Dr. Sten Ekberg; a series where I try to tackle the most important health issues of the day in a natural and safe way including the benefits of intermittent fasting, fasting and autophagy. If you have suggestion for the next topic leave your comment below. Remember to make your comments positive and uplifting even if you disagree with something that was said by me or others.

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  1. Hello Dr. Ekberg I love how informative and how easy your information is to understand so I was trying to find if you have any videos on an in large prostate and what I can do to reduce it.

  2. Dr. Ekberg, would a 2week fat fast be okay to break a stall with if I use coconut oil, avocado oil, walnut oil, bacon, with a multivitamin, trace minerals, and electrolytes?

  3. Allow me to reiterate comments below. Great fan of the science behind the decisions needed to be healthy. Same story; yo-yo diet steadily increasing set point. Got to 300 (BMI to 43), systematic progress down over 40 lbs, increased muscle, bone density, huge loss in visceral fat. I have 30 lbs to go and can envision the goal. More importantly have a life style that will ensure long term health benefits. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

  4. Been watching many of your video's but hearing nothing about consumption of water. Can you drink too much and what is too little? Thanks for great advice which I am busy taking currently. Keep talking and be safe. Jaci In South Africa

  5. Thanks for your videos. I've been sharing them with my brother. He's a Dublin bus driver and his job can be very stressful on occasion. I find the videos very helpful. It explains a lot. Thanks hi from Ireland

  6. Dr.Ekberg's science should be taught in elementary school to avoid the pandemic of obesity, diabetes, inflammation, and above all the pandemic of stupidity. Dr. Ekberg with Dr. Fung, and Dr. Berg, an Dr. P. Jamnadas could stop poverty. THANK YOU.

  7. These videos always have a photo of a super lean super good looking 20 odd year old lady😅. I wish it was a photo of a nice middle aged person for a change, who needs this advice just as much!

  8. Science doesn’t make absolute assertions. Big pharmaceuticals companies do. Science doesn’t care what’s financially beneficial, CEOs care. People need to insist that tax dollars get spent on independent research with no corporate funds.

  9. Is there a difference between drinking apple cider vinegar vs taking the pills/gummies? I don’t mind drinking it but I don’t want to damage my teeth (I use a straw, but it still hits my teeth sometimes).

  10. Cortisol uppstår av våra känslor, stress är ingenting som bara försvinner av sig själv eller genom att förändra sitt liv. Det finns kvar i systemet tills man kan på ett känslomässigt sätt komma åt det problemet. Ingen diet i världen kan ta bort våra inre känslor som i slutändan omvandlas till "stress " och som leder till hetsätning som är ren och skär tröst. MÄNNISKOR är ensamma vi behöver kärlek, närhet och trygghet. Så mat får ersätta allt detta, det blir tröst.

  11. Reason why so many people fail at fat loss is they're OCD with the small details and neglect the big pic .
    If u focus on health and longevity first and by that I mean eat as high a majority of unprocessed as possible and be more active than what you are now u will automatically lose weight . After you've grasped this then you can tweek ur lifestyle and diet to incorporate weight training and cardio along with tweeking your diet .
    Long term Fat loss / staying lean health and longevity go hand in hand ye you can get lean unhealthily but I garuntee you won't stay lean for long .
    Good luck

  12. Here to get my extra credits. The abbreviations are used in Germany for weekdays
    Montag (Mo)
    Dienstag (Di)
    Mittwoch (Mi)
    Donnerstag (Do)
    Freitag (Fr)
    Samstag (Sa)
    Sonntag (So)
    Source: I am German. 🙂
    Besides, I love your videos and content! I have compared it with what German nutrition and health experts claim on TV and YouTube, and I have regularly seen how trained doctors promote "vegetable" oils over animals fats, how anaerobic exercises are promoted over aerobic ones because it allegedly burns more calories and helps to lose FAT (which it does not).
    It is dismaying how misinformed even self-proclaimed experts are in this field. All the more harder to convince people that what they are doing is detrimental to their health when their own doctor advised them to do so. I am trying to share your content with my German friends albeit some language barrier going on for them.
    Myself, I am writing you from Japan and I am lucky to have access to high quality fish and meats to follow suit on your valuable pieces of advice you deliver in every one of your vidoes. Please go on with this high quality content for a long time, Dr. Ekberg. 🙂

  13. Having lost 15kgs with intermittent fasting but still with high cholesterol I was put on a low dose of statins- 5mg. Within a short few months I was putting weight on. I've gained 6kgs and cannot lose any weight. I've tried to research this and found out that other people have had the same experience. The only science I can find is that statins increase blood sugar levels. Can you provide any information about this please?

  14. HI thanks for video, I would like to ask how I am supposed to eat when I have liver problem / adrenal problem and gut problem, I am trying to manage stress through breathing and meditations which I am feeling is really good for me, I am not so stressed (almost relaxed) but when it comes to eating I am lost… I can not eat too much fat because my liver and gallbladder is sluggish and lazy… I am often angry after fat meals ( I am eating only coconut oil or avocado ) other fat I have is from eggs , I can not digest properly proteins because low stomach acid… often see food particles in stool , feeling heartburn even after ACV , I have also constipation , burping , gas retention or how to call it… also I am super tired and ofter very irritated because of adrenal problems.. also have thanks for that problem with sleeping (fall asleep) I can not be on keto because fat problems.. also when I tried it I had even worse problem with sleeping, and i think my adrenals need some sugar (low carb) but i dont know what to eat… I am trying to avoid fruits and grains , not eating fructose , alcohol (just to help liver) but I need some sugar and only source I found is potatoes which are easy to digest combinated with fat (coconut) but It is sugar which is not that good on liver right?? Also sugar probably can affect my gut flora because thanks to low stomach acid I have probably disbiosis and other gut problems.. like leaky gut (yes I have brain fog.. ) on Which kind of diet should I be? Keto is not for me, I can not also cut sugars, I think diet for liver for example is not good for adrenals.. Diet for adrenals is not good for gut.. etc… How to solve this jigsaw ? Where to focus ? Thanks for any reaction

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