Top 10 Vitamin C Foods You Must Eat

Top 10 Vitamin C Foods You Must Eat To Boost Your Immune System & no it is not just oranges. Learn how to boost immune system naturally with Vitamin C with low carb foods you can eat. You probably think oranges are going to be the #1 Vitamin C foods to help boost your immune system but you are wrong! Oranges are pretty far down on this list. The viruses, like the Coronavirus are everywhere now, and the best thing we can do is to boost our immune system. Learn about the Top 10 Vitamin C benefits to your Immune system and what Immune Boosting Foods You Must Eat. There is a list of a both vitamin C fruits and vitamin C vegetables that you can eat or drink. You will also learn how to identify if you have a vitamin C deficiency like scurvy or even before developing severe symptoms. Vitamin C has been shown to help boost your immune system, and if you are lacking in vitamin C, these foods could help.


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  1. Dr Ekberg, I am 84 years old. I bought GNC brand Vitamin C label says 1000mg a day. It is water soluble. But I take daily 2000 mg, i.e. 1000mg during lunch and 1000mg during dinner. I'm on Intermittent Fasting (16:8]. I also take vitamin D3 000IU. But I take 4000IU daily 2000IU during lunch and 2000IU during dinner with good fats.
    I also take daily Magnesium Oxide 500mg. Your advice please.

  2. I get a lot of bladder pain from foods with vitamin c. If I take an acid eliminating product called prerelief to reduce the acid in my food in the stomach, will this neutralize the vitamin c in the food I eat. I already have low vitamin c status because I avoid acidic foods, so I just want to ask you if this product (containing calcium and phosphorus) will remove vitamin c from the food it eat.

  3. I am not sure about having to get over a certain amount of vitamin C per day I think that would lead to a very repetitive daily diet surely if I am accumulating vitamin C faster than my body is using it then I will be ok if I don't have any symptoms of deficiency. The upper carbohydrate limit I still think is a good idea.

  4. Potato has a decent amount of vitamin c and I can keep my carbs below 30 with a portion of this in a meal. Meat has some of this vitamin so I could be closer to the guidelines than I thought I was worried about this. I could have a small portion of berries perhaps to make sure. I am going to eat more salmon to get more vitamin D.

  5. I believe Dr. Pauling proved the recommended amount of Vitamin C is several multipliers short of what's needed for optimal health. I can't recall at the moment but I believe he was taking about 6 grams and his body used it all.

  6. Hasn't it been proven that vitamin C actually plays very little in your immune system? Shouldn't people be more concerned about boosting their vatman D levels? Obviously, if you eat a lot of low-carb whole foods and exercise regularly outside, you are probably getting plenty of vitamin D, but why focus on a vitamin that plays such a very insignificant role in disease prevention and very few people actually have a deficiency of?

  7. Respected Doctor,
    I feel gratifying and blessed so much when I watch your videos. It can't be expressed in words.

    Great respect and regards
    You are really awesome and great person.

  8. Thank you so much for this very important information, you did´t mention lime (limón en español), I would like to know if the lime has important amount of vitamine C too, please, if you were so kind to let us know because some of us drink lemonade a lot. thanks!

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