Top 10 Ways The Keto Diet Will Change Your Life Beyond Weight Loss

Don’t fear fat! The Keto Diet is healthy if you eat clean natural fat as a part of a low-carb diet. You won’t be hungry and there are so many healthy benefits from eating a ketogenic diet. Here are the Top 10 Ways The Keto Diet Will Change Your Life Beyond Weight Loss


🔷 Keto Long Term? Is The Keto Diet Dangerous?

🔷 10 Easy Steps You Must Do Before Starting Keto For Beginners:

🔷 How To Lose Weight Fast:

🔷 Keto Diet Explained For Beginners Simply:

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🔷 Keto Diet Series:


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  1. I tried Keto. It just didn't work for me. I can simply die from it on the second day. I tried several times, but my brain dies right away. I am not sure if Keto is for everyone though.

  2. The USA government "food pyramid" put us on the road to obesity. I've tried other weight loss tips, like "breakfast like a king, etc." and gained more weight. I now am transitioning to low carb, and already see weight loss without hunger. In fact, trying to eat the recommended amount of calories makes me feel TOO full. In addition, a low carb snack at night helps me sleep better.

  3. Hello Sir! I learned that you're 67 years old! Waw i'm realy impressed. I began keto "diet" 3 weeks ago but i'm still drinkin red wine ( i cant stop right now but i reduce progressivly). And i'm already feeling a lot of health benefits like a better focus, faster brain activity , well rested and so on. Thank you good Sir! Best Regards from Belgium. And.. Sorry for my dreadfull English ^^'

  4. But one of our famous doctors here in PH doesn't agree with Keto since in keto, you have to eats lots of animal-based products and he said it will wreck our microbiome and increase the chance of cancer. I'm confused.

  5. I really appreciate your perspective : you have not lowered the level. Of course, at the beginning for the listener it is quite complex and challenging but along the way by listening over and over we start to we improve our understanding and understand the whys and as a result we become independent (and strong and more joyful). Knowledge is power :-))
    I am very grateful as must be thousands of others.

  6. The Dr . is correct, so few products are food to invest , I look and research every item that I would like to purchase to eat and find out it’s equal to Rat poison, the Dr. has woken me up to the way we are supposed to eat and enjoy it’s flavor and longevity till the next good meal, basically I’m going to shop now in the health food stores , I may pay more for foods there but I eat better and along with fasting in which I really enjoy to do now I actually save money, I’m purchasing food and not garbage.

  7. We are just not as active as our ancestors. It has nothing to do with using glucose or fat for fuel. You promote meat and dairy cheese eggs so much, our ancestors ate this? Absolutely not. We don't have the metabolic constitution of any our ancestors, that comparison is so absurd.

  8. I have been following Dr. Eckberg and his KETO recommendations for over 5 months now… and I can state that the beginning of arthritis in my knees has now gone away. Eating more Veggies with the Fat accoutrements has resulted in this obvious fix. God only knows what else has been fixed…. LOL

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