Top 10 Ways To Lower Blood Pressure… Or So They Say (Hypertension Guidelines, Facts and Myths) 🩸

10 Ways To Lower Blood Pressure… Or So They Say (Hypertension Facts and Myths) 🩸 If you have high blood pressure, hypertension, you have probably been told to lower your blood pressure. So online they, Mayo Clinic, tell you how to lower blood pressure is to: lose weight and belly fat, exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, reduce sodium, limit alcohol, quit smoking, reduce caffeine, reduce stress, monitor your blood pressure (BP) and to see your doctor, and get support to cope with having high blood pressure. They say doing these things will help your heart health and reduce heart disease, but are these tactics the best ways to lower your high blood pressure?

Learn how to lower blood pressure naturally, and if and which of the the top 10 techniques to lower blood pressure really work.

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* Ketogenic Diet –
* Insulin Resistance –
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* Feeling Cold? –
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* High Blood Pressure –
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* Why Eating Healthy Is So Expensive In America –

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  1. Good morning Dr. Ekberg. I've been on bp medication for twenty years. This information will be very helpful in my daily routine. I must say that I burst into laughter when you said exercise in diapers ☺. Thanks again.

  2. Dr. Sten Ekberg müsste eigentlich Milliarden Klicks bekommen, sein Wissen überall verbreitet werden.
    Seine Arbeit ist mit das Wertvollste, was ein Mensch leisten kann, die Menschen darüber aufzuklären, wie man den absolut faszinierenden Mechanismus unseres Körpers pflegt und wieder auf einen guten Weg kommt.
    Für solche Dinge ist das Internet wirklich ein Segen – und es gibt leider zu wenig davon. Würden sich solch wichtige Informationen genauso begeistert verbreiten wie irgendwelcher Nonsens, wären sehr, sehr viele Menschen auf dieser Welt bald wieder gesund und glücklich. Davon bin ich überzeugt.

    Wenn ich kann und mich jemand fragt, was ich nun anders mache, was oft passiert mittlerweile, frage ich immer: Kennst Du Dr. Sten Ekberg? 😊🍀

    Vielen Dank !!!

  3. I was also on BP for over 5 years!!! As soon as I went on intermittent fasting and watched Dr Berg and you now, I'm so educated, my Dr doesn't approve, but hey Dr the numbers don't lie!! Thank you for your knowledge ❤️❣️❤️

  4. I love you Dr.Sten Ekberg.
    I will start my IF today,its very informative and easily understand.very very helpful and gives positive output in life,thats there is cure if we try to understand what our diet and health and lifestyle.Thank you very much.

  5. Thanks for the good advice about understanding Blood Pressure, My doctor doesn't explain properly Why/How/ when? Just following your good advice since then and its work, Your God sends to us ,thank you so much 😊

  6. Very informatic video! You mention root causes behind elevated blood pressure. But isn't elevated blood pressure harmful on its' own, without a clear root cause? Doesn't it harden your blood vessels over time and increase the risk of complications?

  7. AS unfortunate as it is, it is very rare that any doctor gets into deeper analysis of your problems.

    They typically act like automatons, looking at your symptoms and prescribing you drugs.

    That is it.

    Next . . .

  8. Right now almost everyone is diabetic, every other has high blood pressure and heart disease. Our Rulers doing everything to keep us sick so they make money of us . Fluoride in water, GMO, chemicals, pesticides, stress, vaccines, lies, drugs, to much sugar and salt in food, preserves etc

  9. Thank you very much for all those beautiful explanations. I can say that you changed completely my perception of health and how to take a good care of.
    I have a question.
    We talk often about. High blood pressure but is there something about low blood pressure?

  10. I’ve recently been able to wean off 10 mg daily of Amlodipine that I’ve been taking for about 10+ years. I’m now down to 5mg daily. Working toward getting off meds completely. Just want to do it gradually because the body becomes addicted to these medications. Interestingly, I have white coat syndrome and my systolic BP at the dentist was 20 points lower and diastolic 15 points lower on half the dose compared to last time! Since then I’ve lost close to 20 lbs, have been doing low carb, exercising, and also fasting.

  11. My doctor told me to eat more salt as there was no sodium measurable in my blood. I don’t have high BP but I have clogged arteries. (Umm I kinda ate a LOT of chocolate until 2 weeks ago). Have now drastically changed my diet, have recent issue with my foot so difficult to exercise right now. Watch a lot of your vids. Thanks

  12. Stan, especially for the elderly who run chronically dehydrated, adequate hydration alone delivers 10-25% improvement in lowering median blood pressure. Adding the potassium in fruits and vegetables (adequate to offset dietary sodium) plus a daily walk of 20 mins will free the patient from both debilitating meds and risk of stroke and heart attack.

  13. I manage to bring down my BP from 165 to 145 (sometimes 135) in 1.5 years by:
    1) Exercising for at least 45 minutes everyday, 6 days a week.
    2) Reducing alcohol intake to a can of beer a month, or none at all.
    3) Drinking 400g of unfiltered celery blend to substitute dinner everyday.
    4) Cutting down coffee drinking from a cup daily to alternate daily.
    I believe I'm heading towards a normalised BP in another year if I'm persistent with the above tasks. My BMI is 25 and, I don't smoke.

  14. I have low sugar in my system and my blood pressure is 180/200. I am naturally muscular I weighs 187km.
    Don’t have any pain in kidney, and my doctor says I have kidney infection, because he said he saw protein in my pee, how is that?

  15. Isn’t the mechanism to increase BP during exercise different? People don’t have fluid retention when exercising, that’s when we are more at risk of being dehydrated. I thought the BP increased during exercise to accelerate the blood flow to get to the muscles calling for more O2, which is why when you stop exercising, the BP should come down automatically. Thoughts?

  16. I notice you say high carbs are not the best what about Dr. McDuggle Starch solution he promotes eating high card and vegetables and people loose weight

  17. I drank alot of alcohol all through my 20s, 30s, and 40s. The whole time my BP remained at 120/80. I am now 54, rarely drink alcohol, ( its been almost 4 years since the change) now my BP is 105/65. Pretty amazing if you ask me!

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