Top 5 Best Fish You Should NEVER Eat & 5 Fish You Must Eat

Love Fish but want to eat Healthy Food? Here’s the Ultimate Top 5 Fish You Must Eat. Mercury concentrations and Omega-3 fatty acids Fish List, I mean Fish Scale. Find the best fish to eat for your health. 16 fish are ranked from worst to best. Fish is one of the best low carb foods to eat. Fish is a healthy, high-protein food, especially important for its omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential fats that our bodies don’t produce on their own. Learn the 16 kinds of fish from best to worst on the fish scale. You will learn which health factors to look for and which to avoid, as well as why it really matters if it is wild caught or farmed fish.


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  1. I’ve read stories about people in like eastern Canada a couple hundred years ago could simply stick their hands in the water and grab a cod or 10. They were so abundant. Now, we have fished out 90% of our oceans and wild caught is getting harder and harder to find (not to mention more expensive). Even Whole Foods is all farm raised.

  2. I was wondering about Steelhead. They have a lot where I live and it’s fresh caught fresh water fish. It’s a milder salmon flavor with less protein (too much protein is not good). Any thoughts?

  3. Thanks for all the great videos Doctor! I was wondering if you can mitigate some of the Mercury risk from tuna, by using cilantro when you make tuna salad with avocado. I've heard a few times that cilantro is good for getting heavy metals out of the body. Curious what your thoughts are on that.

  4. Since heat can destroy the fish oil then how should we eat it? I believe frying in oil is bad and I heard you said opening a can of sardines or mackerel. Eat them without cooking or heating? Thanks.

  5. Dr Ekberg can you please tell me – the recommended fish are often eaten canned – but I understand that food canning involves very high temperatures , so wouldn't this damage the Omega 3 oils ?

  6. Dr sten , smoked mackerel its (have this high omega 3 number or close to that)? But he also have high sudiom (i eat him 2 times in week ,(most of my omega 3 i eat fish in breakfast ,(hearing , canned sardin , AND smoked mackerel (its i think Atlantic mackerel)so i eat at least 6 time's i week fish .
    I stop to eat the farm fish (salmon i buy in past but it was farm),and other fish also from farm i stopped to eat .
    After i watched and learning from your lecture.
    Also i replaced the eggs to organic eggs.

  7. New subscriber here! Very educational!, i’m so blessed to found this video and yt channel… Doc how about the cultured/farm raised Pompano( caged in salt waters) in the US, Australia,etc. and gilt head breams in Spain, are these species included in the watch list? Thank you and more power to you and your supporters…

  8. Ricardo… 40 years less your age sir, but I ate sardines as a child out of necessity. Never realizing my grandma was feeding my heart healthy food! I just started eating them again.

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