Top 5 Exercises To Lose Belly Fat Naturally At Home

Top 5 Exercises To Lose Belly Fat Naturally At Home. Get A Flat Belly, look great and get healthy all in the comfort of your home. In this video you will learn how to lose belly fat the right way. 99% of videos on losing belly fat through exercise are wrong. They tell you that you can get a flat belly in a day or week, but losing weight and reducing your belly size doesn’t work that way. You can’t lose your belly fat overnight, in 3 days, or in a week. As nice as that would be it just doesn’t work like that.


🔷 How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally Without Exercise:

🔷 #1 Absolute Best Way To Lose Belly Fat For Good – Doctor Explains:

🔷 Lose Belly Fat With Breathing Exercises: Amazing Science! Doctor Explains:

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🔷 Lose Belly Fat Series:


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  1. I've completely changed my exercising habits because of you and am doing 10x's better because of it. I switched to fast-pace walking to lose weight instead of running. Now I can do it almost every day with less pain and muscle soreness. Instead of 4 miles of jogging every other day, I go 6 miles of walking every day. And I've dropped more pounds than ever! I always thought "no pain, no gain" and "go harder", but this changed all that.

  2. Very informative. Thank you Doc. We are so used to HiT type of exercise, walking alone is just fine. I want to start Pilates, I like the info you have provided about strong core that’s beneficial to the brain, lower pr fight cortisol. Nice 👍

  3. Sounds to me like the body self sabortages it's self or definitely swings one way or the other depending on your diet and exercises if any.
    But i think some people are destined to be just hugh and some more destined to be lean based on genetics.
    I know, I'm Einstien : )

  4. You can NOT target losing fat. You can NOT lose belly fat without losing fat everywhere else on your body. Fat comes off all over together and will not get to the belly until you've lost down to a certain point. For men, the belly is the last place you'll notice, although you'll be losing belly fat the entire time along with the other areas of your body. Please, Doc, let people know that you can not target losing fat in one area.

  5. Foolproof method for a spectacular body:
    1. Be under age thirty
    2. Be over six feet with a naturally ectomorphic weight of less than 100.
    3. Continue to work out like a maniac every moment you aren't working as a model/actress/insufferable narcissist
    4. Only put food in your mouth on a bet or a dare
    5. Look at your partner who is doing none of this and is enjoying deep dish pizza. ( will help you throw up that kale)

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