Top 5 Misconceptions About Vitamin C You Must Know – Doctor Reviews The TRUTH

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient necessary for optimal health and immunity as a vitamin and supplement. A severe deficiency is call scurvy, which is fatal unless vitamin C is added back in the diet. It is needed for connective tissue formation, so Vitamin C benefits include, healthy bones, skin and blood vessels. Foods rich in vitamin C provide not simply ascorbic acid, but all the other components of the vitamin C complex.
Even though ascorbic acid is the same as vitamin C by definition, it does not provide all the benefits. Vitamin C from whole food provide so much more than antioxidants, which are not the universal health booster they are often claimed to be.


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  1. This is a fantastic video. Purely by coincidence and great timing after watching this video, I left for work and when I arrived I found one of the Managers was looking at and taking about Vitamin C tablets and it gave me great pleasure to correct him thinking ascorbic acid was vitamin C. Anyway would there be a similar type of video explanation and description for Vitamin D?

  2. Hello doctor thanks for the video! Can you please let us know what the daily dosage of acerola berry powder you recommend in mg/g? Also if you're trying to fight off the flu how much more should you take then?

  3. This isn’t all fact however, one Dr says one thing and another says something else its sort of like Dr’s these days are in competition with their theory about health just trust and believe in God

  4. I live in the country whereby we do not have fresh berries or otherwise it is very expensive. Normally I buy the imported frozen ones, is it still okay?

  5. Great presentation! I always wonder why bioflavinoids are recommended.. Is there scientific proof?
    According to Linus Pauling and Dr Rath just ascorbic acid works fine.
    In animal kingdom most mammals produce their own ascorbic acid, humans and primates lost that ability way back in evolution. They didn't produce those bioflavinoids..😁

  6. It is perhaps also true that papers on supplements don’t get published because the medical industrial complex, a large component is the pharmaceutical industry, does not want good results from non- patentable natural substances to be published. My own stance though is to eat a very healthy diet and limit my use of supplements. So how does one actually find good supplements for things I know that I many not be getting ( D3+K2, B-complex which I usually just get from nutritional yeast). Could you do a video on the latter.

  7. Great video, very clear. This year I have made to date for winter from fresh vegetables from my garden, 25 gallons of fermented raw vegetables,. This is mostly cabbage and carrots but I am trying brussel sprouts this year too ( they are my favorite vegetable). To spice up the ferments I add various extras to them: chopped garlic, horseradish, onions, peppers, various herbs. You can even ferment citrus too, though since I live in the north I cannot realistically grow these.

  8. For 2 years now I am very weak in the body every muscle is weak i can't even barely walk down the street ring in ears nervousness before . Never got this in my whole life 40 years old please i need so much health the doctors think i'm depressed and psychic that i am not even weak but i am. l magnesium deficiency?? What magnesium to take their so many out there?? I can't barely hold up my phone even books very much that weak in my muscles not even training helps

  9. Dr. Ekberg, well done. I wish you would list references.

    I know that Dr. Linus Pauling and more recently Dr. Rath from the Pauling institute have done a significant amount of work with megadosing Vitamin C and have refuted some recent studies that did not give higher levels via an intravenous infusion… Entire books have been written on the benefits of megadosing Vitamin C. I have not seen information refuting high doses of the vitamin or maybe I should say studies showing any ill effect. I will keep an eye out for one. I have heard that animals like goats when sick, their bodies will produce 10-100 times more vitamin C. in that limited example, it makes sense that taking more vitamin C or having an infusion of a megadose might prove beneficial. any excess would simply be excreted by the kidneys.

  10. so when your body is trying to fight sime infection is it really needed to take vitamin supplements or good food will do proper supply of vit C and all other.?

    Thank you

  11. the highest amount of vit c naturaly found is in sauerkraut on the planet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! been telling this for years about asorbic acid, in fact am gonna tell you something you do'nt know, i had a friend that was working in a factory that makes vit for kidds, she was asked to add arsenicum in it and she refused and got fired and now is trying to wake up the pple , not only that ALL SYNTHETIC MADE VIT ARE NOT WELL ABSORBED INTO YOUR BODY, so basicly its a scam, buy fruit instead of vit pills ! keep in mind manny studies are payed by the compagnies theselves and only show what benefits them, so there not telling you everything !!!!!!!!! allbecause of greed . may love be our guide, not greed , love to all that is

  12. wrong
    vit c is ascorbic acid
    That's what 99% of mammals make
    That's what klenner/pauling/rath did experiments with
    where is what is required to make collagen

    Whole vitamin C is crap/something else

    Do you yourself a favor, get a medical physiology book
    no look up how pharmacy is used by the body in particular the immune system
    And making collagen
    What does it use?
    answer: acsorbic acid ie vit c

  13. I use acorbic acid in my pea protein to increase the uptake of iron. Since this is my biggest iron source i want it to be optimum. Im at around 500mgx2 a day. Should i take it out completly or just lower it to like 5-10mg?

  14. You have not produced convincing evidence on vit. C usage. What do you consider mega-doses? Can you bring scientific tests you used for getting an opinion in mega-doses? Why not mention liposomal C vitamin? Are there test on differenc between Vit C complex and ascorbic acid.

    I personal don believe US institutions on vitamins because pharmaceutical companies earn money from disease, and its in there interest to keep citizens alive and sick. There is a load of evidence for that, lets name few. Fluoride in water (poison), Overinflated price of healthcare, state opioid drug dealing, American emphasis on sugar everywhere, and much more.

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