Ultimate Keto Diet Grocery List

Low carb keto grocery list perfect for beginners and people who have been on keto for awhile. This grocery list will make it easy to meal plan and grocery shop for keto diet-approved foods. While this list is for people starting keto, people who have been on keto for a while may find a few foods that they can eat too. While this is a list you will also learn why you want to consider these foods.

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  1. Good for me, we raised our own chicken n rabbit, mostly we fed grass🥰as well we have cocoa n coconut farm ang they're all organic💚here in the Phils all avocados we have eaten (by season)😁

  2. The best fish are herring / from the Baltic Sea, macrela / from Norway / and sardines from Marocco. Unfortunately, salmon could be farm-raised which I don't recommend.

  3. Doc, you must live in Beverly Hills because where I live (Europe), the salmon is toxic (farmed in Norway or Scotland), the Sardines come in sunflower oil, the milk is pasteurized (and finding a farm with cows in the Capital city is a bit difficult) same goes with cheese and yogurts, the eggs are supermarket eggs… yeah we could get some organic stuff in the supermarkets but it would be GREAT if you make a list for people in this planet, we buy food in supermarkets.

  4. 1) Sardines taste very differently than tuna. That's why I love them!
    One can of sardines, one small avocado, lemon or mayo the perfect salad to ear wrapped in a leaf of lettuce.

    2) rendered duck fat, no additives is available in groceries and delis. Also known as "schmaltz". Excellent fat full of flavor for eggs and fried onions.

    3) learn how to make yogurt at home. Super easy, you control what gets inside and it contains much more probiotics culture than store yogurt.

  5. Oh yeah, to fill up my handbag with sardines!
    Besides that, I fill my brain and stomach with all your suggestions, your wisdom, your gentle and kindness ways to teach us and heal us. This is an expression of my sincere appreciation and thankfulness. Please continue…

  6. I see that this is an old post so I doubt you will see it but I never hear you say anything about pork. I’ve looked through most of your content and can’t find any comments about pork good bad or other. Would really love to know more about it

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