Walking Arm Swing Predicts Dementia

Can your walking arm swing predict your chances of getting dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson or even dyslexia? Learn how you can watch yourself and others walk to predict their future health. A cross crawl pattern is something you learned early on, but how does it influence your health and your brain function? Learn all of this and more.



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  1. I’m a righty and I wonder wether I should swing my left or right arm first. Does that depend on which foot I start to walk with? I usually start walking with my right foot and sometimes with my left foot. It depends wether I’m walking to the left or to the right. Every time I go to the left I use my right foot and left arm and when I’m going to the right I use my left foot and right arm. I start walking with my right foot and left arm if I’m going straight.

  2. I have multiple sclerosis and have a lot of damage, however, as I was a swimming instructor for many years, whenever I had an exacerbation I went back to what helped me best and that was swimming. I was in a wheelchair fir ten years and swimming got me up and walking because in order to swim one has to rely on the crossover effect which effectively retrained my brain to build new pathways and avert the old ones with plaques. I feel that no matter the injury, brain or other (arthritis parkinsons etc) swimming and exercising in water is the ultimate all-rounder for enabling one to stay mobile, increase and/or maintain ones reach (many brain injuries lead to spasticity and atrophy of muscles which impedes our ability to reach out and touch or lift). Swimming also helps cardio pulmonary and for those with allergies such as asthma, improves breathing. Ps… I walk and am a avid fisher woman and regularly walk on the beaches. I have effectively burnt the MS out and it doesn't rule my life. Yes there are times that I do get tired but I haven't had a relapse for twenty years and I at one time was deemed chronic progressive with five years to live. Train your brain…. And don't become despondent… Just keep on keeping on. I have had ms for thirty years.

  3. Thank you for your videos. I have just decided to go back to using a back pack style handbag (or purse as you say in the states). A cross body bag might be an option as well for the summer or less casual occasions. Having a handbag, especially a heavy one, on one shoulder is not great anyway, but I have decided I need to leave my arms free to paractice swinging my arms. Thank you!

  4. So if you're not swinging your arms when you walk, you can prevent dementia by just swinging your arms? That's what it sounds like. I think there's an underlying problem, where the gate is just a symptom. You can't fix an underlying problem by just trying to mask or hide a secondary symptom.

  5. Actually, without reading or hearing about how a person walks tells you the health of someone, I have always noticed this. It's something I've been aware of.

  6. I never let my babies use a walker because I knew that crawling was part of healthy brain development. They are now brilliant adults! However, I think my mom had me in a walker when I was little. That explains a lot 🙂

  7. If you ever see a band walking down the street you can usually spot the drummer. A drumkit requires a four part brain to play it, and it shows when they walk!

  8. Parkinsons has been described as a copper/zinc imbalance. check all water supply lines including those to the fridge. copper gets into the water, into your body and produces copper toxic symptoms similar to pknsons. replace all copper water lines with other types of piping; and detox the copper out of the body with zeolite pwder, buy online or amazon.

  9. Some good info here. As with all videos such as this, however, it assumes there are no physiological issues going on. For instance, several years ago, a job I had required a lot of walking. One day a coworker mentioned that, as I walk, my right arm barely swings compared to my left. I explained that I’d had several injuries to both shoulders over the years (I was in my early sixties at that time), the right one being worse and between the scar tissue and calcium buildup, my range of motion was restricted. I was, and still am, working on correcting that. Then a few months ago, (I’m in my late sixties, now), I had a twisting injury to my left shoulder. I was reaching behind me to pick up a heavy item, instead of standing up and turning around. Now, my right arm swings more than my left. I’m also right handed and tend to carry most everything in my left hand, which, in turn, restricts the arm swing. So there’s a lot to consider that’s not mentioned here: injuries, in my case, arthritis, like my mother, carrying habits, left or right handedness and so on. Again, as with any of these videos, consult with your doctor first.

  10. How about walking around looking at your phone screen all the time, txting, etc, not watching where you're going or the other pedestrians ? just saying ….

  11. I might bet this is a gendered difference. Men more frequently walk with hands free. Women more often walk with one or both hands/arms carrying. How many times do you really see a woman out walking with nothing in either hand/arm? There are purses, holding hands with a child, and family shopping bags.
    What is it about a MAN's arms swinging freely? The absence of stress?

  12. If a person has 5 spinal fusions and 3 neck fusions, one shoulder needing total replace and 2 knees replaced and lots of nerve damage, it has nothing to do with dementia. This person has a sharp mind can hardly move.

  13. I want to ask, why is college so hard on our health? I mean school in general. We learn to be rushed and put health things aside to get through the day always.

  14. What if a person had a brain tumor on say the left side, and the right arm was affected (lower arm would lift up involuntarily) and they were diagnosed with dementia soon after their brain tumor diagnosis. Is this different than dementia naturally developing in the brain due to old age?

  15. Please share the Love of the Son of God, He spoke Truth Forever. Please write His Words in your Heart, and share them. Please Forgive, and Pray for everyone. Immanuel, God with us.

  16. LOL. As if anybody is going to trust any medical journal out there today. Covid has shown us that not only can governments not be trusted but the medical profession, at least the doctors who accept covid, are totally corrupt. I only trust doctors who are calling out Covid for the lie and scam that it has been.

  17. interesting–I actually noticed this year that I don't swing my right arm–but I think sometimes that's because I'm walking with someone else, and when I swing my arm, our hands hit, lol–and they don't pay attention, so I have to! But also, do you know about the Regain Your Brain series? It's all about reversing Alzheimer's and Dimentia

  18. I, and most of the people I knew growing up, continuously walk with our hands in our pockets. I don't think I have ever walked any other way. Where does that leave people like us?

  19. I have lesions, asked my neurologist if I could have dementia, she said no. My arms don't swing….. I noticed this and have made a conscious effort to swing them, so thank you for this!
    This has also helped explain my daughter's dyslexia.
    You are amazing, enjoy your channel so much!

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