Ways You Can Tweak Your Personality

Usually when you want to tweak your personality it’s because you’re looking for more positive and empowering ways of thinking and feeling. Here are a few ways you can tweak your personality so that you work better with others and most importantly bring out the best of any situation.

For years I thought that you had to be strong-willed and feisty to get what you wanted in life. While a healthy dose of self-confidence and determination are great skills to develop, when it comes to personality, these types of traits can come on too strong and turn people against you.

If this is the case for you, then a good dose of learning to wait your turn to speak and listen first will go a long way in tweaking your personality into one that is more aware of other people’s needs and desires. Plus it’s a good starting point at learning to have more patience. Remind yourself that other people also have good ideas and input, that a conversation means two people are talking together. It’s not one person talking and the other listening, that is a monologue. Just learning to bite your tongue and let others speak up will tweak your personality in fantastic ways.

Another way to tweak your personality is to begin journaling. There is nothing like taking the time to sit down and have a conversation with your thoughts and feelings. You can see where you want to improve and how you could do that. The more you write about it, the more real it becomes. What you write about becomes a part of your thoughts which will become a part of your dominant thoughts. You’ll have your journal entries to remember when you find yourself in situations you created in your journal. That will reinforce that personality trait you’ve been looking to acquire.

Begin practicing a sport or other discipline like music or dance. Build your self-confidence in a new area, lose some weight or strengthen a skill/talent. As you gain confidence and self-assurance, it will spill over into your personality. Of course, you don’t want to become cocky or full of yourself. It’s more about knowing that you went out and accomplished something you set out to do and had fun in the meantime.

Another way to work on tweaking your personality is to spend time learning to meditate and get connected with your inner, peaceful self. When you are feeling peaceful and calm, that will show in your personality. Many times problems with angry outbursts and impatience can be quelled with a regular routine of quieting the mind and just enjoying yourself in that quiet state.

It doesn’t always have to take much to improve yourself or your personality. Remember others have a right to think and speak their minds, learning a new skill and getting some introspection either from journaling or meditating can do wonders to tweak your personality in ways you’d like to see improvement.

Source by Anne Dessens

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