What Happens During Wim Hof Breathing?

Wim Hof breathing is popular but no one tells you what truly happens in your body when you do the Iceman’s breathing technique. Plus get most of the same benefits without soaking in ice cubes. Here you get the Wim Hoff method explained in simple terms. Find out why it works and if there are easier ways to go about it.

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🔷 What Really Happens In Your Body When Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1zjLsnHDPo&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR7jgylgzCHKgvS7prb8eqPT

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  1. Lot's of valid points made, but it really takes a lot away from the points made that Dr. Ekberg actually got the breathing method wrong from the get go. Come on man. Wim specifically states that you should not breath "all out". Just fully in and let go. Breathe in 100% and out about 70% or so. I have done so for years.

  2. After being in the sauna it feels as if the heat builds up and takes a while to get used up even in the cold. First time I did a sauna, I walked home on a really cold winter day and was worried it would feel extra cold. The opposite was true.

  3. The breathing method was explained WRONG! It’s important and it makes a difference. You should definitely practice the method for an extended period of time before making a video on it. LET IT GO……

  4. By the end of the session which is the last 30 in/out breaths, with my eyes closed (as in meditation) the phosphenes are excited in my field of vision with my eyes closed, I experience photospia. The phenomena is purple colored oval shaped "blob" that recedes into the distance and replaced by the same in a repetitive display. Seemingly coming from my peripheral vision, contracting to a smaller size, eventually receding into the perceived distance, and happening again and again until it stops..

  5. We did this in middle school (1995ish) standing up and one guy behind that pressed us against a wall so we would tense up. We started at 10 breaths then 15. I tried 20 but never got that far before i passed out. I would then wake up seconds later walking. One guy got an headache and started crying in pain/fear. Dunno if he got a stroke or something. Anyways it was fun times. Now im gonna try it Wim Hof way.

  6. As said before, when you do the Wim Hof method you don't fully breath out. You Inhale fully, from the stomach all the way up to your brain and then you exhale just by letting go, NO force, not fully exhale. I think it's very important that the information is correct. All the other information was both inspiering and interesting. Thanks!

  7. I'm not sure "If it thrills you" is a reason to learn this technique. Wim discovered this technique following the suicide of his wife and now spends his life demonstrating that this method works by taking it to the extreme… but its not an 'entertainment' its knowledge.

  8. I was very interested in a discussion of the physiology of the breathing practice, but fifteen seconds in this fellow lost me. They are not 'power breaths', you do not 'breath in all that you can' and you most certainly do not 'breath out all of the breath.' Any person who has studied with Wim for any length of time would do well to avoid anyone that doesn't actually understand the very basics of the breathing practice. (Secondarily, he says he found no information on the physio, but if you go to the WHM site, there's actually quite a bit, a bit of search and you can find all that you need, from people that actually know the practice).

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