What Happens When You’re In Ketosis?

The keto diet helps with weight loss, but What Really Happens In Your Body When You Are In Ketosis? Can you exercise, does your brain and body need carbs to survive, and what about all the side effects that you experience when you start a ketogenic diet? Learn the answer to all of these questions and more.

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Welcome to What Really Happens In Your Body When by Dr. Sten Ekberg; a series where I try to tackle the most important health issues of the day in a natural and safe way including the What Really Happens In Your Body When you exercise, fast, eat certain foods, etc. If you have suggestion for the next topic leave your comment below. Remember to make your comments positive and uplifting even if you disagree with something that was said by me or others.

🔷 What Really Happens In Your Body When Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1zjLsnHDPo&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR7jgylgzCHKgvS7prb8eqPT


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  1. I did 72h fast for the first time, as I’ve regularly had heart palpitations and tiredness (i’m 24). During the first 24h I didn’t have any heart trouble, and I felt great for the first time.

  2. I ultimately gave up keto because even after I was fat adapted I found myself not being able to give 100% on the tennis court. Like there's something missing at the bottom which causes me to not be able to dig deep and I experience loss of concentration on court as well. As soon as I started eating carbs again I felt an immediate increase in energy and I was able to hit the ball harder, move easier and concentrate better on court. So I don't know I guess it just isn't meant to be between me and keto…

  3. I think it's really important to educate ourselves on halitosis – what it does to the body – what to do if you have it, and how to prevent it. contact dr.oyalo for natural cure on his channel. i got cured with his remedy.

  4. “If you have a fondness for foods like this…” and you point to lettuce, tomatoe, pickled cucumber, meat, cheeze inside a bun. Does that mean lettuce, tomatoe, pickled cucumber, meat, cheeze are not going to work in a ketogenic diet?

  5. Does keto help chronic fatigue syndrome? If yes then how do you overcome keto flu on top of fatigue? I reach for high calorie foods when I'm tired. Its a terrible condition. I work so I cant afford down time.

  6. We know that oxidation of fats is bad for health because it realises free radicals; So how burning fats through oxidation and making it fuel for us could be possibily healthy? Can you please clarify this confusing doubt I have?

  7. I have learned a lot from your videos and changed my whole life style and feel better than ever! Only then do you find out that at least 90% cannot be called food in the supermarket. In the beginning it is mainly reading labels and different (delicious keto recipes by the way). But once you get used to it, it turns out that cooking has never been so simple. The first few days I had everything you listed but already after 3 days more energy! One thing I want to tell you and your readers: the first few days I still had a phenomenon about which I have not heard anyone and which was also difficult to find. I regularly got a kind of goosebumps in different places in my body and now and then a sharp stab as if I was being stung by something. It appears to be due to the enormous dip in your glucose, neuropathic symptoms that can also occur in diabetics. Of passing nature. Actually a good sign! I ate a lot of sweet things the week before (to unlearn it haha) so maybe that played a role as well. So, who recognizes this; no worries. Thank you for your insights which have greatly improved my health! Greetings from the Netherlands.

  8. Dr Sten I have a confusion about as you said at 10:29 in your video, brain become insulin resistant, please clarify as I read that brain does not depends upon insulin for the glucose uptake. Anyways thank you for igniting the health kindle inside me.

  9. I am six weeks into IF (four weeks doing OMAD) and so far all is going well. I have noticed this week that I am urinating more – is there a reason for this? I now live in a tropical country (Philippines) so I naturally drink a lot of water, but the urge to urinate is greater lately. I just wondered if this is a normal side effect to OMAD?

  10. Absolute love your videos, they’re always very much full of details unlike other short ones out there that provide less information thus creating more confusions. I hope you’ll gain much more subscribers as your work deserves it!!

  11. Dr. Ekberg, my husband has lost 14 lbs over 3 weeks on IF 20-22 hrs daily; and overall his BP has been good since then; however, we’ve noticed that after every meal, his BP can spike up to 160-180/90-100mmHg; with deep breathing and some natural diuretics, i.e. green tea, it tapers down 4-5 hrs after meals. Is it safe for us to use natural diuretics like garlic parsley supplements and dandelion leaves while still loosing weight to a point of not needing to take HCTZ for BP spikes management? Thanks!

  12. I had a metabolic crash on keto (i was probably doing keto for more than a year) and the week leading up to the crash i was stressed and lacking sleep and drinking 4-5 cups of coffee a day, wasn’t drinking water and not eating much and then I was so exhausted and faint, dizzy and my head was spinning, hands cold and heart racing. I was almost at the hospital but recovered with bone broth and peaches. I went to my holistic naturopath snd he said I should stop keto and fasting and should eat 1/2 cup of low glycemic grains a day plus extra b vitamins. I don’t drink coffee now and awaiting my bloodwork results. He also said it was a tough diet on the body. Im frustrated bc I enjoyed fasting.

  13. Dr Sten Ekberg – what about a keto rash? Every time I fast more than 30 hours or go on Keto, I get this itchy and kind of painful rash on my chest and on the back of my neck. I don't know how to prevent it…

  14. Doctor Ekberg always make things become crystal clear ! In this video I saw "a part of fat and carbs metabolism mechanism". I wish one day we all can see an "overall mechanism for carbs, fat, protein metabolism", from there we have overview how foods is digested and why they are different, how fat is store, how LDL is developed !

  15. I feel that we should have a "Dr. Sten Ekberg Day". I'm willing to replace one of the many st*pid holidays we have. We have a whole month dedicated to qu**rs but nothing to health.

  16. I started low carb then keto around Christmas last year. I went from 272 to 230. I even had knee surgery in January. So the weight loss is great. I feel great. Life changer for sure

  17. Hvorfor går jeg ikkje mere ned i vekt…….spiser en gang i døgnet …ca kl 16.45. Masse grønnsaker…noe protein…kjøtt…laks..torsk..noe rømme ..fløte…går masse i fjellet..lange ..ofte veldig bratt terreng….men står fast i vekt😩😩

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