What If You Stop Eating Sugar For 30 Days?

Have you notice if you eat sugar or carbs you don’t feel as well? Eating too much sugar can seriously affect your health. What will happen to your heart, brain, and skin, if you quit sugar at least for 30 days? Eating sugar is addictive and can lead to weight gain, mood swings are other diseases. What will happen to you if you quit sugar at least for 30 days? The changes you will see are going to be incredible!

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🔷 What Really Happens In Your Body When Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1zjLsnHDPo&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR7jgylgzCHKgvS7prb8eqPT
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  1. So true about the change in taste buds! I did the Daniel fast last year and I swear I could actually smell that amazing scent of a mango before I cut it 🤤🤤

  2. No sugar may be extreme. I tried 2 teaapoon of honey and no white sugar. I did not lose a single pound. ( I never was overweight) but white sugar and white floor and all the processed foods in the entire grocery store is the culprit not just the sugar alone.

  3. I have been eating without any added sugar for a couple of months, trying it out since last year, but I had never tried to cut out any fruits. This is my first couple of days, and I have the habit of eating bananas or pears as my desert a couple hours after I eat my dinner, and it has been very hard xD I didn't know how much fruits retain your dependence to sugar.

  4. Are u suggesting keto diet? Or only cutting out the sugar (fructose glucose starch) only? So i still can have a ton of veggies n higher fat? My efgr is in stage 3a.. Is it safe?

  5. I really really need you to make us a suggestions of what to eat while cutting sugar and starch and trying to do 16/8 (my reality trying day by day) ! I got used, for all my life and trapped, in meals that have potatoes, rice, pasta and bread and so on! How can someone get away from all these? I am 2 weeks sugar free and feeling great but i don t know how to cut all the others! I watched few videos of foods for keto, but keep in mind that people like me who need to make vital changes in dietary, cant be creative with avocado and broccoli all of a sudden! So i would love to give us some advice or even recipes to follow! Thank you in advance!

  6. Thank you again for your easy indeplth and understandable explanation of how sugar effects our lives and well being I've been on the less sugar train for better health alone with moving more and eating less it's a struggle but when good health is wroth having it's a life style I'm after it all makes sense and I want stop trying, thank you again 😊 stay healthy and be safe.

  7. The change in taste of sugar is so accurate I lowered my sugar intake for about 4 months, after I couldn't drink any sodas or sweet teas for awhile, still can't with some cause they all tasted too sweet.

  8. Hi Dr. Ekberg thank you for sharing this video. I wish you someday make a video explaining How if we eat boiled vegetables (fermented Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, enoki mushrooms, And lettuce, with a little amount of salt and several sliced gingers) in broth for daily consume in several days? What will happen to our organ and brain? Can it reduce our bad cholesterol, lowering blood sugar and repairing dna?

  9. A great example of the cure being worse than the disease. It’s a full circle argument. If we must go this far to protect our existence, then we now live an existence not worth protecting. What a self righteous……

  10. I tried to stop sugar completely. On 3rd day I lost interest in everything. I didn’t go to office. It was difficult to focus on anything. Finally afternoon I just woke up and washed my mobile phone using soap and water. And suddenly it occurred to me what am i doing. I just went and had coffee with sugar. And after 30 min or so i started feeling good.🙂. After that never tried again

  11. [Québec, Canada ]
    Love your video, im subscribing as you seem to know what your talking about and have facts to back it up!
    Q: Do fruit sugars fall into the same category as what your speaking of in this vid?

  12. Thank GOD for Dr. Sten for sharing his awesome knowledge so we don’t have to end up where the pharmaceutical companies and medical misinformation wants us…in their care to pump people with liver clogging problems. It’s just crazy how they never suggest how to “Detox” the body, but go ahead and keep adding to it so it clogs up like a drain…so they can drain you from your health and money! I hope this helps someone…🙏🙏🙏

  13. The doctor worrying about our life more than anything; Without sugar; do you think we will loss our sweetness of life away? STOP SUGAR ADDICTION🙏💕✍️; on how should we start better living and staying healthy.🙏❤️🌹

  14. If fructose is bad for your diet and health , if fruit contains a lot of it , should it be avoided and what would be the best way to get Vitamin c , many thanks

  15. Dear Doctor. Thank you for this brilliant video. I am diabetic and also have 3 times more Ferritin than the max for men. I am really struggling with what to eat as I am losing weight and I have always been naturally slim. Do you have any advice on this 🙏. Look forward to hearing from you in this regard.

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