What Is High Blood Pressure? Hypertension Symptom Relief In Seconds 🩸

What Is High Blood Pressure? And how do you lower blood pressure naturally? Are there Hypertension Symptoms? 🩸 What really causes high blood pressure and how can you reduce it naturally? Most people will see a big change in high blood pressure in just minutes when they try this one simple technique. To get to the root cause of hypertension you need to first understand what causes high blood pressure along with what high blood pressure truly means.

What is considered high blood pressure? When searching the guidelines for hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, you will see that most hypertension is called essential or primary, meaning that the cause is unknown and therefore there is no known cure for hypertension. The hypertension guidelines say your blood pressure is too high if you are over 120, but that may not be the whole truth depending on your body and what you are experiencing.

Once you learn the true mechanisms of blood pressure you will understand your body is not being random or stupid. Most people use medication for hypertension treatment, but in this video you will learn a quick and natural way to lower your blood pressure.



* Intermittent Fasting – https://youtu.be/jetiN8xAKiQ
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  1. I've never gotten any consistency in BP readings. They're all over the map. My personal doctor said I have elevated BP. A PA I know who teaches clinics how to do proper BP on patients said I have normal BP when it is done the correct way. Who do I believe?

  2. Ya, what studies did they conduct to propel them to change the “high blood pressure “ standards?
    And how many times have they moved those standards? Why?
    Just like Covid it’s about the money. One blood pressure medicine was the first to profit the billion dollar category. Sounds like I smell green
    I listen to my doctor for 15 years and didn’t do my research and took high blood pressure meds and I didn’t know at the time , but the side effects are rapid heart beat and irregular heart beat and after 15 years I acquired both at the same time. I’ve been in shape all my life ( athlete) I had to have an Heart ablation. I’ll never take another blood pressure medicine again. I hike three days a week and lift weights the same. I eat decent. If that’s not enough than so be it. But I will not be harmed by these doctors that just want to through medicine at you. No thank you.
    Each person is different size , shape and our bp is supposed to be the same ? Ya , I’m not buying that anymore. Dr. Bergman sums it up very good

  3. Seems that men when go doctor and get B.P. checked and it's high their given a prescription and watch your diet don't Smoke or drink bye ! Then later go back a pressure up a bit more so up the prescription bye ! Then BANG ! Heart attack ! Stroke ! Doctors first hand out pills WITHOUT investigating what is the root cause of the high B.P. ! It CAN be narrowing of arteries ! or some heart defect ! But hand out pills! Brother in law yes smoked cigars sometimes , didn't watch his diet went to doc found high B.P. told to stop smoking and watch diet , went to work Got in argument and got heart attack died ! Why didn't doc advise a C.T. scan ? That would have disclosed a blocked artery ! Me been on Blood pressure meds since 19 , iam now 71 born with bad valve had it repaired excercise but didn't watch diet that close and after excercise got cold and sweating which are sign of heart attack so went to E.R. they did C.T.dcan had two arteries 50% closed so missed heart attack ! Why didn't my doctor suggest CT scan ? Earlier ? So I asked he said didn't want to suggest because of the contrast used maybe harmful for body ! Well so is a heart attack ! You think ? That was five years ago and Still fine ! Another person I know on B.P. meds died heart attack was diabetic and sure didn't watch diet and DIDN'T get CT scan which could have saved his life ! Then again can't put all blame on doctor put blame on person because alot of men DON'T go to doctor until it's to late ! ASK For CT scan ! It can save your life !

  4. Mine was 150over 90 in the sixth grade , and is the same at 56 without medicine ,. With medicine it was lower but I got fatigue and lightheaded . Felt better without meds.ive always had to the extreme high emergency when going to the hospital it shoots up, isn't that were most people die.🤔

  5. Hi dr edberg i m from Australia and watch all your videos.
    I have 2 questions one is. I had a blood test few days ago and my blood pressure was 135/92 and pulse 100 – 124 for 2 day at rest while in bed.
    The other question my iron levels were hi. I have been unwell for 4 days my dr said a virus showed up in my bloods.
    I respect your opinion highly. Kind regards sue. I hope you can get back to me with my questions. Big hi from Australia

  6. Why don’t you discuss the bottom number? Isn’t that important too?
    My doctor told me that if the bottom number was anything over 80 that was considered enough hypertension to be on meds, so he put me on Lisinopril.😳😬

  7. I’ve been doing Keto, IF and ACV for over 3 years and dropped 80lbs, reversed my fatty liver, all my health problems went away and my blood pressure is 127/81, I’m 60 and don’t remember ever having normal blood pressure.

  8. I think you hit the nail on the head when you made the statement, "Increase awareness and increase market potential for hypertensive medication".
    My take on the first reason ,increase awareness, is actually promote fear of dying from high blood pressure and the second it to take advantage of the first in order to push more drugs on the population and make the (drug dealers) aka: Pharmaceutical Manufacturers more money on the backs of ignorant and fearful citizens.

  9. Thanks Dr. Ekberg for sharing awesome knowledge. I take and practice your suggestions for reverse insulin resistance. My blood sugar amazingly get into normal range. Fortunately, my blood pressure also getting well. I used to have 140-160 systole, but my last check up shows 127 with blood sugar 102 with keto diet and intermittent fasting and various exercise.

    Previously, my blood sugar ia above 150 with glibenclamide and Metformin medication and blood pressure usually around 150.

    Thanks to your sharing awesome knowledge, I get healthier n happier.
    God save my life through you, Dr. Ekberg.

    Once again, many thanks.

    I am from Indonesia.

  10. My BP is off the scale for the last 6 years. I'm 45. On 3 high dose tablets a day. I've always been told it is an unknown cause and can't be fixed. I've only found this channel recently. I'm going to give a low cab diet a shot and see how I get on.

  11. Dr Ekberg's presentations are very informative and useful. There are other individuals that have similar presentations but they don't cover the topics in depth. As a result of watching and taking notes, my health level has dramatically improved. My weight has dropped, my blood glucose and insulin has dropped. I've changed the types of food I now eat to regulate my blood pressure, insulin and glucose levels. I also have added additional supplements to reinforce my health and immune system. I urge everyone to at least listen to Dr Sten Ekberg and adjust and change what you have been told by your doçtor. You may be able to reduce the level of medications you currently use by following the suggestions of Dr. Ekberg. He backs up his assertions with sound evidence on àny topic he discusses. You have nothing to lose and slot to gain from the information information he

  12. My blood pressure is about 140/90 when relaxed at home [usually have to breath calmly for a while to get to this] but it's 160/100 or higher in the doctors surgery. They want me on BP meds but I see no need and worry it will give my dizzy spells when standing up suddenly from sitting – I have these from time to time anyway. Adrenal fatigue is probably to blame.

  13. What can you tell us about the use of nitric oxide to help with high blood pressure. I recently saw an ad for Neo40, a nitric oxide supplement and wondering if this is good or bad for us. I trust you far more than any other youtube doctors so thank you for your insights.

  14. Disinformation is incorrect. The heart is not a pump it is a valve. When blood goes down to our feet there is nothing to pump it back up except the structure of the blood veins and arteries. The heart is a regulator. It takes in the fast-moving blood as the blood goes from being spread out in smaller veins back into thicker arteries and back into the heart where it needs to be slow down and come to back out at a slower pace

  15. 6p.Yesterday to 4p. Today='s 22-Ora Fast!!! ZeRo Keto!!!!
    I Took Potassium for my 160's SystoLic!!! but StiLL 160's!!!
    I Ate, in FredMeter DeLi=> one cup of Sour Cream!!!
    480 Calories!!! 56% of DaiLy FAT Dose;🔥🔥🔥
    6 Grahams of Protein!!! Am I StiLL in AuTophAgy???
    8 Grahams of SuGar!!! but Zero Extra SuGar!!!
    Soooo, Wuts My FuTure, Look Like🔥🔥🔥????
    & Yes!!! I wiLL Continue to Fast, Today, Tonight & Monday!!!

  16. I was very fit in my teens with boxing and other team sports but now in my 40's and over the last decade I piled on weight to the point of 310lbs 8 weeks ago, I tested my BP at home and was 170/110 I got very scared , monitored it over the next couple of days and lowest I got was 160/105 OK time for Dr's was diagnosed with high BP and type 2 diabetes and was prescribed medication. days later I found video's on Keto and IMF Dr Ekberg and Dr Fung, also Dr Mason but watching their videos for a few days I adopted the 16/8 (now 18/6) intermittent fasting and a keto diet , with 3 miles of walking a day my weight is down to 277 lbs and with healthy change and medication my BP is as low as 119/73. But can hover around 120-135 /70-85 range at times to, but this is very early days I am very thankful to these Doctors on YouTube who provide information on the root of causes and not just medication , it's sad that the majority of health industry are very slow or use outdated methods for type 2 diabetes and HBP patients.

  17. I am most of the time between 116/74 and 124/84 … lately been much more stressed and sometimes it goes up to 132/92. My cardio md prescribed me Brasart 160+5mg and now i feel tired most of the time. I am not sure i need this medication. I like to think that it was a temporary situation and soon stop the medication. While i am not a non strict diet, and added running to my cycling training. Its all a business … this video helped me to relax about the situation for sure.

  18. Unfortunately, members of my family have hereditary hypertension. my great grandfather, who lived in post-war China, died from a hypertension-induced stroke despite not eating anything known to cause hypertension (no polished rice or any of the other luxuries, those haven't come to China at that time)

  19. I have structural anemia so somewhat high bloodpressure.
    The highest measure was 100-150
    Was on medication without any results.
    Started very healthy eating and moving my precious body NO result.
    Kept worried / stressed since that period.
    THANKS SO MUCH for the information.
    This one changes my life.
    Forever grateful ♥️💪

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