What is HIIT Training? Why HIIT Works? Fast Weight Loss With High Intensity Interval Training πŸš΄πŸƒ

What is HIIT Training? Why HIIT Works? High Intensity Interval Training. Want the maximum benefits of exercise in the shortest time and the best way to burn fat? Then you will want to incorporate HIIT into your exercise routine. In just minutes a week you can get most of the benefits of exercise by working out in a specific way. Learn how to do HIIT training the right way for the maximum benefits and the least amount of time.

Most people do HIIT wrong, because they think that any strenuous exercise is HIIT. Other people do too much – more than they need for maximum benefit. By doing more HIIT training than you need, you expose yourself to excess wear and tear, and excess cortisol.

Dr Ekberg will teach you how to do HIIT the right way, and explain why it works so that you get the most hormonal benefits, the most fat burning and the most health benefits all at once.

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Welcome to Benefits Of Exercise by Dr. Sten Ekberg, Olympic decathlete and holistic doctor; a series where I try to tackle the most important health issues of the day in a natural and safe way including the benefits of intermittent fasting, fasting and autophagy. If you have suggestion for the next topic leave your comment below. Remember to make your comments positive and uplifting even if you disagree with something that was said by me or others.

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  1. Dr Ekberg this video as the others are very informative and educational, thanks πŸ™ I am 58 and lost 25 lbs in three years just by following smart advices from people like you. ❀️ Now I have my skin loose and need to build muscles. Do you have a private practice I could reach you for a consultation and maybe to design a plan for me, please? I am going to the gym 4xweek but jogging and running and I haven’t seen your HIIT advice until now😞thanks !

  2. Hello Dr. Sten, would love to know when can this be Done for best results, like during the beginning of the fast or middle or at the ending of the fasting time period.
    Thank you.

  3. I'm 47 and I have almost 20 years doing the same type of jog-sprint HIIT. Since then, I have stopped for a couple years in total when I had not been physically active due to work, but I started with a few sprints and now I can do more than 25 sprints of 30 secs/60 secs rest periods, with the extra walking-jogging for warm-up & cool down I usually reach around 10 km in nearly an hour. I wonder if it's over training but after so much progress I feel that if I do less I'm not doing enough..any suggestions? many thanks

  4. this is very interesting but i think you should remove / modify the section on lactic acid. It is lactate. referring to lactic acid contributes to the enduring myths about lactic acid and muscle fatigue

  5. Thank you for FULL CLARITY. And now I can adjust my workouts accordingly and not think I have to workout 6-7 days of the week. That attitude was such a defeatist mentality and now I look forward to a healthier mind and body. (You, Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Dr. Berg rock.)

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