What Is Kinesiology & What Is Kinesiology Used For

What Is Kinesiology & What Is Kinesiology Used For? Applied Kinesiology (A/K) also called muscle testing is used for a lot of things, but first it is best to know what it is. There are a lot of people spreading misinformation about what A/K is and how people misuse it. In this video you will learn what kinesiology is, how it is done correctly and incorrectly and what to use it for. Dr. Ekberg debunks the applied kinesiology “debunkers”. A lot of people claim that muscle testing is fake, but Dr. Ekberg explains how it can be manipulated and what to watch for. He uses it in his office daily for chiropractic, Nutrition Response Testing and more.

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  1. I did this but as you already mentioned, the tester didn’t applied gradual pressure. He did it like very soft asking me my name to show me the validity of the test comparing that to another name which wasn’t mine but then he really puts some pressure on. I wasn’t really convinced and i did some testing myself while ge was busy testing me. I really noticed that i do could manipulate the results ! So, this testing is super prone to misleading results… and after 20 questing asked to e body and force supplied to it, the arme becomes weaker so how can one tell this is really accurate testing. I don’t want to fully dismis this but be aware the some people can make lots of money with this without really helping a patient further and that’s rather a sad thing. But maybe it helps if one fully believes in it so that some sort of placebo effect occurs and helps people that way. But for me who is hyper analytical… I don’t think this is the best method . How you explain it is far more rational then all the stuff i heard about it so far actually! Thanks 🙏

  2. I use it to………

    see what to buy when I'm shopping haha… don't judge me! xD It used to be just food but now I use it for clothes too! It's VERY helpful because now I wear outfits that make me feel STRONG!

  3. LOL whew I'm glad you named an example of bad muscle testing because I wasn't sure but that's totally not what I've seen. I'm afraid I may have explained kinesiology in a way that wasn't as poignant to some people as I am mainly passionate about it at this point, not well-learned (yet 🙂 Hopefully that doesn't turn them off to it, because really, it's their loss!

  4. My holistic Doctor did this a few times on me. It's just amazing and weird to realize that you can't influence what your body does or doesn't do. I really tried to keep my arm up, it wasn't possible – no chance.
    She tested a few substances for me this way, this women simply saved my life!

  5. Can you do a video on Aura migraines/headaches etc??

    I heard that migraines come from poor digestion or hormonal imbalance (high estrogen) The first time I ever experienced these migraines I was on birth control for my irregular periods at 15 so I can only assume it was the estrogen!

    I have gotten 3 aura Migraines in the last 4 years (not frequently but still stressful) and want to get your take on them!

    Absolutely LOVE your videos. I have watched every single video. And you are my all time favourite YouTuber!! So I would love to see this topic done by you! Much love from Canada!! ❤️❤️

  6. Your video is one of the very best explanations about muscle testing. Perhaps I had witnessed enough 'BS' use of muscle testing that I became skeptical…but skeptical more of the person doing it than the muscle testing itself. I sensed there must be something valid to it. I am very much a mind/body/spirit person, but just did not trust all the woo-woo around it nor the motives/expertise behind some of the people doing it. I am so pleased you did this video. It confirms so much and makes utter sense…as do all you videos. Thank you! (In an ideal world, basic human physiology would be taught in school.)

  7. Yes to understand brain you most study the brain it 1st. I’m actually reading/listening to “ the whole brain book” it’s amazing things you learn about the brain.

    This is very interesting information tho🤔 aw I thought see was gonna be in this v

    Great video Dr.Sten

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