What is the Difference Between Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence?

Many people use the words self-esteem and self-confidence as if they were synonyms. Self-esteem and self-confidence are different. Self-confidence is one part of self-esteem. Self-esteem is the broader category and self-confidence is one out of many subcategories of self-esteem.

Self-confidence means confidence that you can successfully do things. If you are self-confident you believe in your ability to accomplish the things that you set out to do. You can have high confidence in some areas while having low confidence in other areas. For example, you may feel confident in your ability to do well at work, but you lack confidence when it comes to building and maintaining deep and fulfilling relationships.

Your level of self-confidence affects how well you manage to accomplish whatever it is that you’re trying to do. A person who is confident that she will pass an interview is much more likely to do so than a person who does not believe that she will be able to do it. Self-confidence thus affects your success in life in a very practical way.

Self-esteem, on the other hand, means your sense of personal worth. It refers to how valuable you feel for simply being the person you are regardless of what you accomplish. It is your attitude towards yourself as the person you perceive yourself to be. Therefore, it is much broader than self-confidence, as your self-esteem is the sum you get when you add up all your perceptions of yourself in terms of what you accomplish, how you feel, how you’re behaving towards others, how others behave towards you, what happens to you during your life, your body perception and so on.

Self-esteem naturally has wider consequences than self-confidence. It affects your relationships with other people, what kind of events and people that you attract into your life, your mental health, your physical health and much more. In fact, self-esteem affects EVERYTHING. If there is anything you want to change in your life – whether it is a specific problem or if you want to improve in some area – you have to start by raising your self-esteem. You may manage to raise your self-esteem as a byproduct of working on something else, or you may have to focus on your self-esteem directly.

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Liv Miyagawa – The Self-Esteem Coach

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