What Is The Sympathetic Nervous System (Fight or Flight)?

What Is The Sympathetic Nervous System (Fight or Flight Response)? Ever feel lost for words when angry? Sick during finals or big project? Want to reduce stress? The sympathetic are part of the autonomic nervous system that keep you alive. In this video you will learn answers to questions like: What happens to the body during a fight or flight response? What triggers the fight or flight response? How do you calm a fight or flight? and What happens to the body during the stress response? You will learn how the Sympathetic Nervous System works and what you can do to calm it down. Sympathetic Nervous System is your Fight Flight response to stress. It is the part of the nervous system that kicks in automatically to save your life. At the same time it is hurting you long term. Learn all you need to know about the sympathetic nervous system is and how it helps you survive.

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  1. Hii Dr Ekberg…I have a question for u…panic attack or fight or flight response is same actually…and panic attack or fight or flight activation is harmfull for heart valve…reply soon please m waiting for u sir

  2. Please give us some tips to calm us down! I'm always stressed out about exams and studying. My heat beats faster and I can't sleep at night especially right before the exam..although I try to calm down using lavender and ashwaganda etc, it's so difficult.

  3. I"m skeptical of your competence to address this when you neglect the real causes of over active fight or flight. Activating the amygdala abusively through discipline during development.

  4. I'm suffering from anxiety. Can't get out of fight or flight mode for 2 months. Adrenals are fatigued also. A vicious cycle. Any advice? Thank you for your videos.

  5. BTW Dr Ekberg.. I was told that taking 20,000 mg of Garlic eases pains in joints… is that true? Apparently, I was told it helps…Personally, I think it is way to excessive…

  6. Hi Dr Ekberg! Gosh this is such useful information. I am always intrigued with your insight and explanation, it is so precise and easy to comprehend and relate to. Thank you very much!

  7. Wow amazing information I learned so much from your videos more than any doctor visit. Thank you so much I highly appreciate your videos. I need to work on living stress-free for my long-term health.

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