What to Do When Your Ex Calls

The break up with your ex was terrible. You experienced the mourning stage, the bitter stage, the what-if stage, the hating stage, the understanding stage then, finally, the moving on stage. Things had been going pretty well with you. You are smiling again. You are learning new things about yourself. Meeting other people and going out with friends for pure, clean fun. Then, your ex contacts you amidst your new life. You freeze. Thoughts run through your mind. You ask yourself, what to do when your ex calls you?

You do not know how to react. You are confused. You may even start to panic. Why is your ex calling you? You keep repeating those words in your head. We ended the relationship. We parted ways. We decided it was best to stop seeing each other. I was heart-broken after that. I was ashamed. I was angry. I was lonely. But then, I picked myself up. I tried my best to move on and recover from my painful experience. And now, he or she calls me? Now, when I least expect it?

It is very common for ex’s to try and communicate with you in a surprising manner. Didn’t you wish so hard for him or her to talk to you after the break up? And now that your wish came true, you do not know what to do when your ex calls you? He or she is calling you because you have moved on and they are afraid of losing you. That is the reason why he or she is doing ways to be in touch with the new and improved you. His or her friends may have seen you up and about or he himself has caught a glimpse of you laughing and living life to the fullest. He or she is intrigued by you once again.

Your ex didn’t call you post break up because he or she felt that you are so desperate in wanting him or her back and the contact threatens him or her. He or she did not want to be in a relationship with a person who is frantic, with very low self esteem. How can another person like you when you yourself don’t have self-love? You were releasing those vibrations and your ex was sensing that.

When you have started believing in yourself again, you let out a positive aura. People will begin to notice you and you will have a certain glow of confidence. You get to recover from your past and move on eventually. You cease on thinking about going back with your ex. You may even forget him or her completely because you are too busy now with activities that improve yourself and well being.

Then the thumping call… You do not answer. The machine takes it. “Hello – it’s me. How are you?” You play the message over and over again until you figure out what to do when your ex calls the next time around.

Simple. There are two answers to that. First, if you do not want to talk just yet, then, do not pressure yourself. Do no communicate back. Do it when you’re ready. Second, if you do want to answer his or her call but don’t know how to, all you have to remember is take things slow. Don’t act like a fool and give in to his first words of “Please take me back.” Assess yourself. While it’s liberating to be single, having a partner is also a blessing. Be casual and nice. Act cool. The first conversation should be short and brief. Do not prolong. End it abruptly but with kindness. For sure, he or she will try to contact you again and by then, you will know what to do.

Source by Roger Sing

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