Why Eating Healthy Is So Expensive In America? Dr Ekberg

Why Eating Healthy Is So Expensive In America – Or Is it? Americans claim they don’t eat healthy and blame a lot of the problem on cost. Diets high in bad oils and proceed foods, like most junk food, have serious consequences to people’s health. Find out what you should be eating and the real cost of high quality healthy food is.

Americans need to learn that they aren’t spending more money on food it is just the perspective. We need to realize that the cost of eating healthier will actually save us money over junk food. Eating healthy on a budget is not that hard when you break it down and see what healthy foods you should be eating.

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  1. Sinds the day i started keto-lifestyle i 'm feeling much much better and i started cleansing my cidneys with baking soda and each time i wach you're amazing video's i learn from you. thank you for beiing the best teacher on the channel.

  2. We are lower middle class in Canada and doing our best to eat well. No sugar, bread or junk food. Potato makes its way into most meals as it's so cheap but I know it needs to be limited.

  3. If you think food is expensive, try paying for disease.

    Humans, like animals, won't overeat if their food satisfies their body's nutritional needs.

  4. Dr. Sten Ekberg knowledge is a blessing. Thank you for all your time and efforts educating people. I wish I have known you the first time you started your youtube channel. I just started following your videos this year. You and Dr. Jason Fung.

  5. our parents and grandparents ate properly and it is sad to see how this practice and cultural knowledge was so quickly lost.. sad to see how in the age of ''information'' misinformation is winning and even sadder to see that many children do not know where do the eggs come from…

  6. Hi Dr. Ekberg, good morning from the Philippines! We started working up on our pregnancy just this September, we had a lot of tests to check on our health condition and I was diagnosed with a 9.88cm myoma, microadenoma, hyperthyroidism, hyperprolactinoma, and to top it off I'm also a pre-diabetic. My OB recommended your channel and it was indeed a blessing. The last time I had the test to check if I had any improvement, the Endocrinologist was impressed with the results because I followed a whole food diet and healthy living. I'll repeat all the tests again by January as recommended and I'm very confident that the results will reverse all my health problems because of your guidance. I really really appreciate your time in putting together these videos for us. Your such an angel 😇 God bless us all 😊

  7. It matters, because 100g of something now became 97g, 90g, 85g, 80g, 75g or 70g for increased price. For example 350g of something is now 270g. Before you could buy something thats 300g and its fine for a meal, but now for the same price or more, you have to buy twice as more, like 2x 140g, so its twice as expensive, and you get less.
    Another example of grams are canned fish, but all food are the same, it become more and more expensive, and income didnt follow. Before 2-3 years you could get for 1 euro 100g, today it cost 2,2 euro and you get 75g of fish. Considering 600 euro per month as income before and todays 650 euro, its very hard.

  8. This is such a good, clear, and also nuanced explanation of something that's become so overly complicated in our money-focused, industrialized-food based society. Thank you so much!🙏Subscribed.

  9. This was great – could you do a video – or direct me to one you already have – on how to eat real food as a vegan? I choose not to eat meat/fish.eggs and cannot eat dairy dut to lactose intolerance.

  10. Through history poor and low paid people were always thin but now poor people are obese, and the reason for this is they eat prosessed food with plenty of sugar, and no matter what information on diet you give them they keep on eating it.

  11. "iTs tOo eXpEnSiVe tO EaT hEaLtHy"…..

    *has the latest iphone, biggest netflix and spotify sub, 10 pairs of Jordan's, expensive car loan, big house no one needs, eats out everyday, etc. .

  12. The pasture-raised eggs yolk is a lot more orange in color. When I go to The Coop I tried to stick to whole foods as much as I can. Stuff that's expensive to me is all of the processed organic stuff. Our grocery bill does come up a bit pricey but our health is worth it.

  13. I'll been watching his videos a few days and i must say they are a blessing for me and my family. I was giving up losing my belly. i try all sort of diet, exercise. having headache urges and my parents desperately waiting i lose my overweight. When i understood the insuline resistance and what exactly i needed to avoid even on vegetable and all the lies the agro industries and gouvernement . I was able to lose some belly fat when i began to apply the teaching. I also explain the lessons to my parents on my best of my knowledge since unfortunaly for them they cannot understand English. Thank you again Dr. Sten Ekberg

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