You Had A Cheat Day On Keto Diet? Here’s How To Undo The Damage Of A Keto Cheat Day Get To Fat Loss

You Had A Cheat Day On Keto Diet? Here’s How To Undo The Damage Of A Keto Cheat Day Get To Fat Loss Again. Maybe you are planning on cheating and you are looking to recover from a cheat day, looking for the best cheat meal on keto. Cheating on keto involves giving yourself planned permission to temporarily break the diet rules, meaning you know you are going to eat something that may temporarily stall your fat loss and healthy way of eating.

Hopefully you enjoyed your cheat day or cheat meal and don’t feel guilty for it. Let’s get you back to maximum weight loss. There are times and occasions that we might need to cheat on keto and depending on a few factors it may take the cheat day recovery longer for some people. If you are going to do it make sure it is the best cheat meal on keto you can find and soak it in. Doctor Ekberg explains what some of the best cheat meals are if you decide you are going to have a cheat day on keto.



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  1. Dont listne fake doctors . Balance is the key , dont do too much of everything and do exercises all the time . There is no unhealthy food but it depends on balance. Learn math… learn how to count calories, protein, carbs……….. and do your own individual program on which you feel good . I doubt Ekberg is sooooo clean and doesnt eat anything else out of keto . Every one want to eat everything, , Just eat it but Count it.

  2. "Lily & Hanna's" Rawfood icecream! 😍👌 My special treat at special occasion! Super Expensive. But no white sugar.. coconut nectar though.. But it's soo tasty!

  3. I got stuck at a function where the only choice for a meal was BBQ pulled pork ( 46g carbs / serving ) or no meal.
    I did not choose wisely.
    Now I am filled with self loathing. How could I could have been so weak?
    Next time, I'm not eating. I'll think of something to say so people won't be offended.
    Saying, "That's not really food. The carbs are why all of you are obese, " doesn't seem to be a good choice.

    I'll work on it.

  4. I started watching Dr Ekberg 8 months ago when I started Paleo with my wife. I understand that he recommends the Keto diet but most of his information is transferable to any diet…(lifestyle change). I was 374 lbs. now I’m down to 283 lbs. I would recommend his channel to anybody using any form of diet.

  5. I'm a dad of 3, the house is full of keto unfriendly stuff and I'm the only one doing this. I'm in and out of ketosis. If I've gone over board I'll do a 36 hr fast the next day. Took 3 weeks to slowly adapt to almost low carb. Added intermittent fasting and exercise. Just completed my 1st 72 hr fast and I could definitely go longer (had some celebration, lol) I started 1st Sept, I've lost 14.5 kg. I do min of 2 24hrs fast a week.

  6. Hello Dr, I love every video you do. I wish I learned this 20 years ago. As a pre-diabetic I checked my sugar on occasions. I'm following your fasting rules and only eating once a day. I've converter to evoo and grass feed butter and cut out all breads, pastas and grains. I actually feel great. I'm a 55 year old male at 200 lbs 6'1". I'm thin with a gut. I've been working my high cholesterol and A1C. Its a tough road because I love pizza and bread but a lifestyle change is necessary for me to live well into my retirement age. When checking my sugar level in the am what is a good number and what should it be after a mea, to know that ultimately food is my issue and nothing metabolically challenging? Thank you for what you've learned and teach.

  7. One reason I would never be able to go to a ketogenic diet is that if I visit my mother, she will make a huge fuss about trying to force me to eat traditional high-carb foods, with zero interest in even grasping how hard it was to get to a fat adapted state. The same would happen if I went to my relatives' place. They would not even care to grasp why I wasn't eating all the carbs they eat every day.
    Hence, no chance.

  8. Pizza Doc! This is the only thing worth going out of ketosis. And not that crappy pizza at your local…I mean homemade, 24 hour proof dough, real Napoli pizza. I celebrate this every month.

  9. How do i know if I am in ketosis, I have lost 16 lbs I think it’s because of the intermittent fast and then when I do eat I try to stay with meat and vegetables. I noticed my late night eating has been creeping back.

  10. Dr Eckbergh any ideas doing Keto on RAD foods because I have lipedema and I started on the 14 th of June 2020 and by now I have lost 60 kgs. Iam also doing omad and I am around 800 cal a day. Why did 50 grams of chickpeas threw me off. By the way I do not eat any junk or sugars or fizzy drinks. If I have a muffin or chickpeas I ll go for the chickpeas but at the same time I have low D4 male hormone and have beèn flushing oestrogen with greens even though I do not have a surplus of oestrogen. Any ideas? GREETINGS FROM ATHENS GRRECE!

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