Your Doctor Is Wrong About Aging

Have you ever wondered why we age, from a biological perspective? Doctors say that just happens with aging and getting older, but you look around and other people appear more active, have more energy, and are enjoying life more. Learn anti-aging tactics on how to age backwards, and possibly live longer that you could ever imagine. Your Doctor Is Wrong About Aging is about getting more out of life, looking better and more importantly feeling better. Now that we know about DNA, RNA and epigenetics, start living healthy for a long time.

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  1. How much are those modern aging expectations, as outlined in the video, actually due to dietary (and personal health) habits?

    My philosophy is a simple one. Use it or lose it.

    Keep using your body in all the ways you ordinarily use it day to day. Stay limber by bending, twisting, walking, thinking, etc.. Use your body.

    Avoid the siren call of the sofa, the couch and the lazy-y-boy.

    Do this, and while there are never any guarantee's I think you might find the age related infirmities many worry over will be few, and when one finally hits you (because we all die, that's a 100% certainty), WHAM! You die.

    Healthy, healthy, health, dead. Seems a good way to experience life doesn't it?

    So use it or lose it.

    American Net'Zen


  3. Doctor Ekbergโ€ฆ I give a round of applause not only for the work that you do and the information that you present, but for who you are as a person and your generous and patient spirit. You are truly a much-needed gift to humanity In times like these with all the chaos of modernity.

    I pray to God that you keep putting these videos out week in and week out, presenting in straightforward and science-based mannerism the information you are giving. May the information you provide slowly make obsolete the "health" system.

    Thank you thank you thank you sir!

  4. I have horrible pain in my elbow. I tried to exercise it but it just got worse. I have to take painkillers to keep functional. I don't want to take any medicine but ibuprophein seems to be the only option. My doctor said to just rest, but It came back after the sick leave of 2 weeks.

  5. Alway remember that we are the products of…I think at least 300 million years of evolution on this planet. Our DNA is smart. Your body can fix itself…if you treat it right.

  6. I am 62 and gained 30 pounds during the Pandemic. I have lost 20 pounds and I am planning to start sprinting again to really get in good shape. When I tell people that they say I am too old. My joints feel fine..but people just think you cannot do certain things when you get older. …we will see…lol…

  7. I am 29 with an unexplainable hormone imbalance. I am under the impression that my odd hormonal levels are epigenetic because my doctor and counselor believe this might be psychological. If I am not mistaken psychological responses can cause epigenetic changes. In other words, how I feel about myself may affect my epigenetics thus causing changes to my hormonal levels. My cortisol and estrogen levels are above normal. Cortisol could be from everyday stressors. At my age, it would be better to start destressing now than to worry about it later because stress accelerates aging.

  8. I heard the refrain about "getting old" from my doctor all through my 50s. Turned out to be statins. I dropped them which led to the reason I missed this video when it was first posted. I was at mile 500 of a 566 mile hike at age 63. Sure I'll get old eventually, but not yet.

  9. Dr Eckberg, you are simply fantastic in explaining how the body operates! Much gratitude for your teaching and how you simplify the processes of the body. Love your channel and what you offer us. Good health to You and all

  10. This is one of Dr Ekberg's best ever videos. Fantastic summary, communication, messaging and lecture. I learned lot from it, despite knowing a lot about longevity and health. 90% of our cells are new vs a year ago.. wow ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

  11. My grandma was 92 when she died. And during her life she had never got sick. She could run at that age , walk like 10-15 km a day , more than I can ๐Ÿ˜‚. She was born , grown and lived in the village , eating only animal products and what ground has to offer.
    All the doctor have said to her youโ€™re like a 20 yrs old girl. And Iโ€™m trying to follow her steps, my body thanks me for that . I feel more greater than Iโ€™ve ever felt .

  12. first video I had to dislike. doc should update himself about current genetics and not overfocus on naming conventions like "central dogma". nobody takes it as a dogma, its just a convention. and there are no organized "them" that try to lie to "us". in this video doc sounded a bit tinfoiled-hat-like.

  13. Dr Ekberg, your videos have truly changed my life. You often reference the importance of meditation, and in this video you mentioned the hypothetical about the immortality of cells and the potential this has for the body. I'm wondering if you have ever heard of the attempt by Sri Aurobindo โ€“ and especially by the co-founder of his ashram, the Mother โ€“ to transform the human body in this way. They did not want to escape the body through yogic practice, but to transform it, so the body was a vessel of divine life. In the Mother's view, the reasons for breakdown in the body is because of habit in the cells, and we can change those habits โ€“ it's about deprogramming the cells, getting them to operate according to a different principle. In addition to fixing toxicity, deficiency, degeneration, stress, etc , they were looking for a way to evolve the body consciously. Books by Satprem like "The Mind of the Cells" give a good idea of how the Mother spent over 30 years experimenting with her body to teach it new habits, the difficulties she ran into and the potentiality she saw. Perhaps you'll find it too unscientific for you, but I felt compelled to highlight it for you and others as it pertains to the "breakthrough." Thank you again for your life changing videos.

  14. Great information and amazing presentation ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿค— just listening Drยดs voice and itยดs a therapy in itself.
    Thank you so much dr Ekberg, for all your efforts . ๐Ÿ’•

  15. I'm 29 years old and I just recently started stretching. I should've done it years ago. I've also changed from weight lifting to calisthenics. I'm stronger and more limber now that I've ever been in my life. Honestly, I planned on hitting my prime in my 50s but after this video I'm still gonna have it going on in my 70s ๐Ÿคฃ

  16. I have never ever trusted Doctors. Since a very young age I perceived something wrong with packaged and processed "medicine". I always though what you eat makes you well or sickens you.

  17. Listening to this, how do you feel about taking the vaccine? If you have, already, would it effect our health negatively with the heavy metals in it? I'm on the fence whether to take it or not, especially since I've changed my unhealthy habits and believe my immune system is much stronger, now.

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