Your Doctor Is Wrong About Blood Sugar & Fasting

Have you noticed your blood sugar goes up when you haven’t eaten in awhile? Food spikes your blood sugar and glucose levels so it makes no sense for it to stay high when you are fasting. Here is what is happening in your body.

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  1. Dr. Ekberg, I am a Type I diabetic since 1971. I am 76. I have started a Keto diet 5 weeks ago. Today is typical of my BG when I haven't eaten for 20 hours and last had fast-acting insulin 4 hours prior to a gym workout. I work very hard for about 1.5 hours. It was steady and unchanging for 2 hours before the workout at 121. It rose during the workout to 141. Normally in the past before Keto, it would have gone low. WHY?

  2. I get more information watching this than I do my doctors. Wish I could actually have a one on one talk with you as I am a full blown diabetic on insulin struggling to get a grip of my high A1cs seemingly with no help or directions. I am stuck between eating enough, maintaining energy and weight, yet not eating enough to supply me with the energy needed and trying to keep my sugar levels or spikes down from eating. I seem to have an average of only 4-5 good hours a day then fizzle into no energy, fatigue and the end of my day. My daily intake of total carbs is less than 80. I could go less but my energy levels drop even more.

  3. Dr. Ekberg, thank you so much for this video and all the other videos as well. It has been great learning so much about healthy lifestyle and nutrition. I do have one question which I was hoping you'd answer in the video, is for the paradoxical pattern (which I am currently finding myself in and cannot explain why) – until I've seen this video. But I would like to know how to fix that or get out of this pattern and move into a more normal one. Thank you

  4. This is very interesting and informative with attractive, clear diagrams and explanations. I have referred several other people to this useful, life saving source of health advice.

  5. Great content : NOW I understand it much more readily . Better then to eat very small amounts more regularly and or especially after exercise or use exercise to augment the insulin sytem ? Not as you put it eat it all in one lump NOT mind -body intelligent ?
    So we have sleep — exercise –diet and the personal evolution and then tweak it with semi fasting some calorie restriction and use of herbs and supps and the check in with how you feel , does this make me sleepy , energized ie sleepy = to slight overload , glucose spikes do tend to up regulate the cytokine sytem am i eating the right foods at the right time and so on maximizing my lifestyle rather than emotional eating and so on ,cryotherappy check out hubbermans latest very helpful GREAT content !

    How can we maximize the bodies built in strategies to "heal and regenerate" and at the other end to perform maximally when we neeed to ie just back from a marine style camp .

  6. I was hoping this would address my situation, but it doesn't. My fasting blood sugar is high every morning – between 130 and 180. According to my meter's guide, it should be below 100. I am not on keto, but I have cut out alcohol and cut some carbs, but not a lot. I have tried keto before, and it works, but I could not sustain a ketogenic diet. So I am trying a diet plan that keeps complex carbs but limits them some…not as drastic as keto. My blood sugar goes up right after a meal, but A couple of hours after a meal, and for the rest of the day – my blood sugar ranges from 105 to 130. According to my meter, under 140 is considered normal. I am taking Jardiance. I see my doctor next week, and I hope to find out why my glucose levels do what they do.

  7. Hi doctor , I want to know about down phenomenon more clearly,I am 34 years old and I am newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes ,my fasting sugar 11 and 2 hours after breakfast is 16 and HbA1c is 10.6.plz guide me .

  8. Dr.
    I have been taking am antidepressant for 4yrs and I am concerned that I could get dementia or Alshemiers in the future.
    Have you heard of this? Do Antidepressants cause adverse affects on blood sugar?

  9. Maybe someone can help me. My fasting glucose has always been 89-90 with A1c in low range. My recent blood test revealed fasting glucose now 82 with A1c now 5.8 (higher than usual/in high range). I cannot figure out what is going on how one can decrease and the other increase…and if the HIGHER A1c is something I should be concerned about? (NOTE: I have been doing IF most days for the past 6 months or so.) THANKS!!.

  10. You’re the Best!! Ten days doing intermittent fasting and low carbs my blood sugar went down to 85 from 135! Lost 15 lbs and still going! I want to be healthy and if losing weight will do it I’m in!!

  11. Hello Dr. Sten Ekberg, please respond: I've been diabetic for over ten years taking Metformin @1000 mg/day with 5mg Glyburide. By doctor's advice, I'm now taking 35 units of insulin twice a day plus 500 mg Metformin w/ 5 mg of glyburide. Can I still reverse my condition?

  12. Dr I am very much touched by your teachings about diabetes. I would like to ask you a little bit of my problem. I usually use ml/Ltr gluco plus machine. When my blood glucose reads 4.9 mm/l I feel very weak and likewise when it’s above 10 mm/l those usual symptoms of a diabetic occur. If you can help me please just do something. Thanks

  13. This is amazing ,I have heard a lot of videos about blood suger but this is more I understood . Thank you for your dedication. We have the best Healthcare but we don't have best health. The missing piece is this just giving knowledge for public. Thank you for those who dedicate to teach people like you . Our body is God's temple we need to take care of it properly. God bless you

  14. Hello Dr. Ekberg,
    I watch your videos, but I can not find one video that you share with everybody who watches them, the 1 question that I'm sure most everybody would really appreciate if you would share with all of us,

    That 1 question is, on a average day what do you eat for your meals? first meal, 2nd meal, and any snacks?

    Thankx D

  15. The entire world uses different numbers for glucose monitoring, except the US has its own number. In Canada and the rest of the world, normal morning glucose is below 5, it spikes once you eat, but after 2 hrs it drops below 10, and it continues dropping to between 5 & 7. each time I watch an American video, I have to get the converter to covert American measure to the rest of the world.

  16. I was between 6.2 to 6.4 for HbA1C, 3 months back. I have followed your diet for more than 3 weeks now and yesterday my number is 5.4. I am confident that I can bring it down to 5. Thank you for all the suggestions. I am skipping breakfast now. Having lunch between 12 PM to 2 PM and extending as much as possible. Having dinner between 7 to 7:30 PM and taking Apple Cider Vinegar twice a day. Reduced 2 Kgs and more importantly my belly went down from 94 to 89 cms. I am sure I am becoming healthy again. Being an Indian, fasting for 36 hours every 15 days is part of our culture and probably that is the reason why I haven't become diabetic until now. Thanks to our predecessors who introduced this system in our culture. Thank you again for your efforts to share the knowledge.

  17. ok the thing is,in each country the understanding of blood sugars,and how to understand them is different,the experts are the diabetics who took insulin and metformin and no longer take either,patients understand there bodies well,and those who crack the blood sugar issue are the ones who know what is best to and not to eat

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