Your Doctor Is Wrong About Cholesterol

Have you noticed your LDL cholesterol getting high? Maybe you saw your cholesterol levels spike after going on a low carb diet like Keto. Are you worried that your Doctor will tell you to get on statins? Here is what is happening in your body.

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🔷 Your Doctor Is Wrong About Cholesterol:


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  1. Dear doctor thank u for sharing the info , love and good wishes for India 🇮🇳, by the way what was the vldl number of the second case you explained?

  2. My triglycerides was 48 and VLDL was 14 but my LDL was 119 so my doctor chastised me for it being over 100 on Keto. I just laughed in his face afterwards lol

  3. Extremely clear & concise information concerning the matter of previously trusted medical advice regarding cholesterol and it's supposed damage to the body.

    As with most things in life, we know more now than we did fifty years ago and through Dr Ekberg's teaching, we're all able to understand the body's natural mechanisms for survival, instead of automatically accepting older, limited medical feedback & 'standard' medications.

    Thank you Dr Ekberg.

  4. My a1c is almost normal due to keto. My cholestrol is up, even though I have had NO bread, potatoes, pasta or rice in 10 months. My doc refused to order me a Homa IR. I was also told I have too much blood, too many red cells and too thick. He refuses to give me a referral for a hemotologist, even though the internet says I should. I'm really starting to hate medical doctors!!!

  5. I always enjoy how detailed you explain things. And how you "dummy" it down so that I can understand your explanations. One thing I may suggest, is your do your measurements in mml/l as well. I have to convert everything, and lose some of what you are saying by the time I have "translated " your measurements. Most of the world , beside the USA , use these measurements , as well as metric. Thanks for your info .

  6. Hello. Just wanted to ask. I’ve been doing low carbs with 2MEals a day. I had high glucose 120 and high cholesterol lever 220 with triglycerides 150 when I started and 4 weeks later the glucose level is normal 90 colesterol 230 and triglycerides Gone to 300. Is this okay? Should I take some medication to reduce this triglycerides? Thank you

  7. Just got my blood tests back and have cholersterol 7.3…..triglycerides 0/9. A.T. 34 and my red blood count is still 3.89 so a bit low like last year… bi carbonates were 34 last year and wasnt exhaling as well as inhalation. have Lyme disease [tests say no current infection last nov] and Gilberts syndrome, slight jaundice skin/eyes. Ive actually been eating too much carbs re gluten free bread/buckwheat crackers…think i need to nip that in the bud….lot palpitations on and off…raynaulds for ages but not bad. The cholesteral im worried about

  8. Thank you for this takedown of "evidence based medicine" when some evidence is considered and other evidence is not — who decides which to consider? I sort of by accident attended a lecture about cholesterol when I was in college in the mid 1970's. Cholesterol is generated in the body endogenously — as noted it helps heart health and brain function. When you eat animal meat containing cholesterol, that cholesterol is not deposited in your blood vessels. So I spend decades amazed that doctors didn't seem to understand even this about cholesterol — no systems thinking. Furthermore, serrapeptase can reduce inflammation and plaque in the arteries, so it's not purely a progressive condition. You can clean them up too.

  9. … but they followed procedure (in a sarcastic voice). My parents are on statins and battle the side effects mentioned in this video daily. They will not entertain the notion for even one second that their physician could be wrong…" but he has been practising for a decade – he must be right"… I am developing CVD from frustration in the process myself

  10. Thank u so much Dr Ekberg.This videos are very practical amazing lot of explanations. Thank u for share ing with us. Dr what i dont understand Why my LDL is 282 and my Triglycerides is 62 is there any problem. Thank u. Bless u doc.

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