Your Doctor Is Wrong About Weight Loss

Have you ever noticed that doctors tell you the secret to weight loss is to eat less and exercise more? You do that and the weight stays on. You ask your doctor again and it is the same answer. Doctors don’t understand the mechanism behind losing weight. Learn why it is so much more than counting calories, eat less and exercising more when it comes to weight loss.

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    or πŸ’‰10 Alarming Signs Your Blood Sugar Is Too High
    ⚠ πŸ“›I wouldn't recommend that you tackle the Guyton book unless you are a health student or just an incurable health nerd, but if you have to have it here's the link. (I make a small commission at no cost to you) Here is a list of books I like and have read

  2. Please consider presenting one of these life changing strategies at a TED or TEDx talk to expand your audience. I am watching an INtermittent Fasting segment on TEDx Greenville by Cynthia Thurlow that has almost 10 MIllion views.

  3. Great video again Dr Sten! I am grateful that i found you! I am on keto diet for 7 weeks now. If i start a break of, it because i like fruits and i am not eating at all at the moment, can i eat 1-2 of different kind fruits a day for the weekend for example without gaining back weight in belly and sides?

  4. I was born in 1944 and when I was young there was almost no obesity and most people were normal weight. But back then our moms didn't allow us to eat between meals and there was no Frito-Lay Company!

  5. "All aspects of fat burning are prevented by insulin." Hmmm… I wonder how the guys in the pro peloton eat 1500 grams or more of carbs in a day and maintain 6% body fat.

  6. I’ve been a Health Promotion consultant for almost 40 yrs, and it is refreshing to hear such a wealth of knowledge on the topic of weight control/loss & nutrition πŸ’ Thank you SO much for your contribution Dr E!


  8. I did my residency and fellowship at Mayo Clinic. One of the attending endocrinologists told us that the #1 job of insulin is preventing lipolysis.

  9. When I’ve looked into bodybuilding nutrition, I remember reading that you eat that way because the macros proportions and timing are for the purpose of manipulating your body chemistry/hormones. This makes sense.

  10. I know a lot of people who lost a lot of weight by eating less and exercising. So it seems to work. When eating less you also eat less carbs and less fat (which might be bad for your arteries)

  11. Great job on the presentation! Obesity, in my opinion, has a two-way effect. Some people are truly lazy and gluttons who don't seem to mind since they despise themselves, while others have insulin resistance difficulties that prevent them from accessing stored fat (maybe even some combination of the two conditions are in play). And then when I look at all of the products in grocery shops, it's tough for me not to notice that the vast majority of them include carbs. So there you have it. The majority of people are likely to purchase such foods and with emotional issues and physiological ones folks are well on there way to becoming obese.

  12. I remember going as far back as the 1970's how low fat diets took over…and people just became fatter. Removing fat meant adding more carbs or sugar. So weight went up. Carbs, especially processes carbs is the problem, not fat that we eat. Well, much of this I have learned from Doc Sten E here. Even in medical school we were never taught about all this.

  13. A few years ago I realised that I was much hungrier in the middle of the morning (traditional snack time for many) if I had toast and jam, or cereal for breakfast than if I had eaten nothing at all. If I had skipped breakfast altogether I often managed quite happily until lunch time. If I had a bowl of cereal etc I was ravenous by 11 am and then having biscuits with my coffee. I did some digging to find out why this was happening. Hence Keto. Now, if i have breakfast at all it is a cooked breakfast of eggs and bacon. I am generally perfectly satisfied by that until a light dinner in the evening.

  14. Excellent info as per but at the base level (remove health out of it for simplicity) it actually is calories in calories out. Regardless what they are made up of, if you eat under your BMR consistently for months you WILL lose fat. Its in all the reputable studies. Not saying you are wrong in your explanation just making sure everyone isn’t on the fools errand of believing you can eat all the calories in the world as long as you’re keto!

  15. Be careful about listening to a so called "holistic doctor" like this guy. They are not real doctors and they believe in supernatural powers and think they can heal other people with their internal power by moving about their hands inches away from someone's body.

  16. Are they going to save the planet to guide the majority to eat carb instead of fat? There are enough food for all human if there are no processed food? Just not sure about this, I lost 30lbs in a few months cutting out carb recently, thanks for providing the truth information.

  17. The doctor was not wrong on the Physics, but maybe on the sloth and gluttony and the other emotionally charged stuff. None of what you have taught here has repealed the Law of Conservation of Energy. In fact you mentioned at the end of your explanation of the Insulin metabolism cycle that eventually results in hunger, specifically at 16:52 you note that you eat more (carbs in particular) and the cycle repeats. Calories In Your Mouth = Calories Out + Fat Stored Calories (can be zero) + Calories Passed thru not digested. This expression of the Physics is still true. As you explained, the high carb diet seems to promote fat storage rapidly and your body comes back to you with hunger to make sure the "operating deficit" is made up by eating more, rinse and repeat enough cycles and you are obese. My personal testimony in my mid 40s is that I lost 35 lbs in about a year and maintained it for another year by detailed record keeping (virtually everything I ate) My diet (~1800 kcal/day) was about 60% carbs, 20% fat, and about 20% protein. I didn't restrict my simple carbs, but still ate a lot of complex carbs in the roughly 275 g per day. After two years even a nerd engineer like me was tired of the record keeping and the low fat diet and I quit. Over the years I gained the weight back (and more) and until about 3 years ago in my early 70s, I just started cutting back on added sugar, soft drinks, and started eating two meals per day with no snacking. Kept no calorie counting records, but over about a year lost 35 lbs and have maintained my weight just under 200 lbs at 6 ft tall. Calorie restriction even using a high carb regimen works from a Physics standpoint, but as a weight loss/control strategy it is difficult to maintain because your body fights you. I was an exception in my 40s perhaps because of a personality quirk. However, we know that calorie restriction absolutely works (on the downside) because of the history of cruel situations where people are incarcerated and calorie restricted. If I restrict you to something under 1000 kcal per day, you WILL lose weight and in the worst case if you are treated this way long enough you will succumb to diet driven disease or starvation.

  18. we all know how to lose weight but people would rather pick up a cheese burger then pick up a salad, and since the damage isn't immediate we think it's ok and get another cheese burger.

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